Energy healing for the heart

What brings us back to wholeness in body, mind and spirit is that which heals the heart.

by Khayriyyah Savannah — 

When the heart needs healing, love and joy are the best medicine. Who can dispute the loving touch of a mother’s hand as the original healing modality? What brings us back to wholeness in body, mind and spirit is that which heals the heart.

Beyond high cholesterol and blood pressure levels, other signs that the heart is in distress include hostile feelings, hopelessness, exhaustion and depression. An earlier sign may be a lack of joy. Whenever stress outweighs joy, the heart is in need of attention.

Some simple solutions are found in daily activities that nurture our soul-selves and lighten our hearts. Prayer and meditation cleanse and restore the spirit, while yoga and focused breathing, soothing massage or energy treatments assist us in releasing negative emotions. Most importantly, we must regain a joyful outlook and allow ourselves to feel it. This may include nurturing forgiveness for ourselves and others, which is healing for the heart.

This is a simple exercise to help clear your heart chakra (energy center): Sitting in a comfortable position, rub your hands together until you generate a warm flow of energy, and place them on your heart center (one hand just above and one just below the breast bone). Close your eyes, focus on breathing in joy and visualizing anything that brings a smile to your face. Relax and enjoy this feeling until it fills your body and your entire awareness. This is energy healing for the heart.

The joy and love that flow through our veins fill our heart and spill out into our world, magnifying and attracting more of the same. A simple act of loving kindness, for ourselves and others, reminds us of this truth and starts us on the way to healing.


Khayriyyah Savannah is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki master and herbal consultant who specializes in energy healing for women. or 602-301-1825.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 27, Number 1, February/March 2008.

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