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February 27, 2012

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However, a well-chosen remedy brings relief and resolution in amazing ways.

by Victoria Bowmann, Ph.D. — 

When there are earthquakes, scientists talk about the Richter scale. Many people think that the difference between a quake of 5 and 6 is one increment of increase, when it is actually a tenfold increase. So the difference between 5 and 7 is a hundredfold increase of energy.

In mathematics, there are exponential powers. Those are the little numbers that are raised when written like this: 1010. This denotes that 10 additional zeros are added to the number 10, making it: 100,000,000,000. This is one hundred billion written out. To a mathematician, it is easier to see it as 1010.

In homeopathy, two actions empower the remedy. First, it is diluted, and then it is succussed. There are two common dilutions: one in 10 or one in 100. In the one in 10 version, one drop of the mother tincture is put into nine drops of the dilutant, which is either milk sugar or pure alcohol. In the one in 100, one drop of the remedy is put into 99 drops of the dilutant. The remedies that are marked “X” are one in 10. The remedies marked “C” are one in 100.

However, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the creator of homeopathy, found that when this dilution was succussed, it held more healing power. Succussion is holding the bottle in one hand and pounding or tapping the bottle against the opposite palm of the hand (or a leather-bound Bible in Hahnemann’s case).

So the bottle was tapped either 10 times or 100 times. If it was diluted one in 10, then it was succussed 10 times. If it was diluted one in 100, then it was succussed 100 times.

Medicine has always been plagued with the side effects of drugs. Hahnemann discovered that progressive dilutions were then not only less toxic but also more potent and safe. Clearly, the power of homeopathy cannot be explained by ordinary chemical mechanisms. Nor can we see radio waves or the power of gravity.

However, a well-chosen remedy brings relief and resolution in amazing ways. Our first aid kits should contain arnica cream or a combination cream for bumps and bruises. Flu remedies are available that, when taken at the first sign of flu, can bring one through the experience quickly and gently. The ABC remedies for children are arnica (and aconite), belladonna and chamomilla (chamomile).

The state of Arizona requires a homeopathic and integrative medical license; therefore, we have many licensed physicians, as well as naturopaths, who are well educated in homeopathic principles and practices. Most of the remedies can be purchased at health food stores and health food supermarkets. Some chain drugstores are jumping on the bandwagon as well, because of public interest. Give homeopathy a try and prove the power to yourself.


Victoria Bowmann, Ph.D., is a licensed massage practitioner specializing in cleansing and detoxification. She has been in private practice in northeast Phoenix since 1978. 602-971-8392 or vbowmann@cox.net.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 1, Feb/Mar 2010.

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