Facials or micro-dermabrasion?

Facials are a wonderfully relaxing way to begin the journey toward getting and keeping great skin.

Facials are a wonderfully relaxing way to begin the journey toward getting and keeping great skin.

by Linda L. Leibl — 

Today’s technology in skincare treatments is very exciting because there are so many anti-aging treatments from which to choose. The aesthetics industry, which began in this country in 1985, has grown so rapidly that the average person is generally aware of facial treatments, even if they haven’t personally had one.

Facials are a wonderfully relaxing way to begin the journey toward getting and keeping great skin. Facial is a general term for a treatment performed on the face that usually lasts less than one hour. Spas, as well as some salons, often offer extremely relaxing, pampering facials.

Facial treatments should be relaxed and not rushed. Repeating facials monthly helps maintain healthy skin. If you’re older than age 40 and your skin is sun-damaged or shows premature aging, you will likely need treatments every two to three weeks for maximal results.

Each spa, salon, clinic and skin center will present different treatment options. It is up to you to ask questions and make sure your specific needs are met, as they relate to your skin. Is it more important for you to enjoy the relaxation or are you expecting specific results?

Facials may include hydrating, oxygenating or moisturizing treatments that are wonderful for the skin. These facials especially benefit people in their 20s or 30s with nice skin. They also may be excellent for teenagers who want to clear up their troubled complexions.

Other facials may include more targeted approaches with glycolic, salicylic or lactic fruit acids. These therapeutic treatments reduce the occurrence of some conditions, such as oil-prone skin, mild acne or blemished complexion (one or two pimples a month). Clients may experience mild discomfort. These types of facials usually cost less than $200.

Many medical professionals offer facials in the aesthetics departments of plastic surgeons’ offices. But do not assume you will receive the most thorough treatment from the most experienced individual just because your treatment occurs in a doctor’s office. Just as some doctors are better than others, some aestheticians are better than others.

Facials are excellent for fine lines, creases, aging dry skin, blotchy complexion, large pores, brown spots and dull, lifeless skin. They are highly effective on oily skin of any age. Optimal health combined with a great facial can help you appear two to five years younger, and the treatment usually can be done in a physician’s office or at an advanced skin center.

One determining factor you may want to consider in seeking the right skin treatment is your age. If you are 35 to 80 and want a results-oriented treatment, you may want a micro-dermabrasion treatment. One treatment is equal to three glycolic peels with no pain, risk or downtime.

Micro-dermabrasion uses a gentle buffing machine from Europe that has been in use there for more than 20 years. This is truly a revolutionary breakthrough for anyone who wants to look years younger and improve his or her complexion faster. You can wear makeup soon after a micro-dermabrasion treatment.

Anti-Aging Plus is a facial treatment that combines four facials into one. It is excellent for anyone older than 50 who wants to look five to 10 years younger. It will clear up the complexion of anyone aged 12 or older, providing a nice healthy “glow.” By combining micro-dermabrasion with an oxygen treatment and a “nonsurgical facelift,” Anti-Aging Plus is superior to any other facial treatment on the planet.

This treatment is wonderful for anyone who wants to look younger through a non-invasive facelift procedure. There is no pain, it is extremely relaxing and your results will be four times greater than those achieved with a regular facial or a regular micro-dermabrasion treatment.

Both my male and female clients enjoy this treatment. It can be done every two weeks for accelerated results in a series of six or 12 treatments. After that, a monthly maintenance treatment is recommended.

Tips to slow your aging process

  • Funny face — It’s all right to have facial expressions, but constantly squinting, furrowing your brow or puckering your lips may create creases and tiny lines.
  • Mirror, mirror — Look at yourself in a mirror as you are chatting on the telephone. You’ll be surprised at the facial lines beginning to form. Try wearing a thick piece of Scotch tape between your eyebrows and over your forehead to you hairline (just around the house, of course). Every time you wrinkle your forehead, you’ll feel the tape move. By retraining yourself not to move your forehead as often, you’ll experience fewer creases and lines.
  • Deadly duo — When in the sun, wear sunglasses and a large hat. This will help to lessen the sun’s damaging rays beating on your face and help eliminate the squinting that encourages those little creases around your eyes.


Linda L. Leibl, B.S., has been a clinical aesthetician since 1986 and founded Advanced Skin Technology in 1993 in Scottsdale, Ariz. She works as an educator and district manager with Arbonne International. or 480-443-3445.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 24, Number 5, October/November 2005.

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