Feng shui for challenging times

Abundance allows us to move more fully into our power.

by Luckie Bosselman — 

For thousands of years, wise men and women have used the natural energies or chi of each season to support and enhance their lives in making positive changes. Using the Chinese doctrine of the five elements — fire, water, wood, earth and metal — provides the building blocks for manifestation.

Transformation is not a future event; it is the present activity that stimulates what is to come. Change is both the goal and the consistent process that leads to your desired outcome. As we look at feng shui, the universe informs us that “everything is energy.”

In these challenging times, we are all being asked to simplify, clarify and live impeccably. As we come into the Indian summer and autumn energy of introspection and transformation, we have the support of this energy to reevaluate many areas of our lives. The ancient wisdom of feng shui helps us gain the perspective required to make the changes needed to move through these times with ease and grace.

First, we must reinforce our foundation to address the questions that will allow us to move forward. Earth, or the center of our home, is the metaphor for grounding energy and life. This year, place several small crystals or one large crystal at the center of your home. These can hang from the ceiling, be placed on a table or put in a closet. It is not necessary that they be seen, to work well.

The center in feng shui as in traditional Chinese medicine is connected to the center of your body — the stomach and spleen — where you nurture and nourish your body. It also reflects your self-esteem. In times of challenge, staying grounded, balanced and keeping a positive view of who you are is your best defense against the strong winds of change.

Now that we have firmly grounded the energy of the home as well as the ethereal component, it is time to look at improving the supporting energy of the home.

The Chinese have a saying, “If you have both of your hands full, how can you reach for more?” This leads to the ever-present subject of clearing the clutter. Clutter encourages stagnant energy and impedes flow. Autumn energy is all about releasing and letting go of items that you no longer love or serve you well. This will create a vacuum for better opportunities coming to you.

Abundance allows us to move more fully into our power. This is a four-fold approach, especially if we are looking for employment. The four power centers are the wealth or prosperity area, the entrance to your home, the relationship area and the benefactor’s area.

Wealth areas respond positively to respect and gratitude for the money you do have. Also, keep your purse clean and well organized. Having your money orderly in your wallet shows the honor you place on your funds.

Keep your front door area clean, well lit and welcoming.

Forgiveness and mending fences with people goes a along way to adding enhanced energy to the relationship area.

Place the names of the mentors and people who help you in the benefactor’s area; this can include religious figures.

Using the element of air or breath, in the form of affirmations is an additional method of changing the energy in your life. Here are two you may choose to use: I take responsibility for my thoughts, my emotions and the quality of my life.

Abundance, health and happiness flow freely through the Universe, and I am blessed with all three and more.

Your home is a reflection of your current state of mind, as well as what is happening in your life. Keep in mind that even the smallest changes in your environment and your thoughts will bring great results. As a recent client said, “If I had known that it would be so simple and direct and that I’d get such immediate results, I would have called you much sooner.”


Luckie Bosselman is the owner of Ancient Ways Professional Feng Shui, is an expert consultant and speaker and teaches feng shui classes. Her background includes interior design, holistic health and Chinese Astrology. 602-996-6934.


Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 30, Number 5, October/November 2011.


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