Feng shui for the living room

Art — Carefully choose the pieces of art for your living room, as they emote and can convey differing effects — action, repose, happiness or sadness, to name a few.

by Louis Audet — 

The best location for a living room is in the front of the home and in view from the front door and foyer. Since it is one of the first rooms seen upon entering, the look and feel should be one of beauty and prosperity. As such, it sets the tone, enhances the chi of the home and uplifts those who enter. This is the room to design as a reflection of you, your tastes and your aesthetics.

Factors to consider

Seating — Sofas and chairs should be comfortable, yet their placement must be carefully selected. A sofa or chair placed with the back to a door will be unsettling to the persons sitting in them. The back needs to be protected by plant(s), a table or other object that breaks up the Sha chi from the door. Furniture can sometimes be set up in a Bagua shape. Often, however, the space does not allow for such an arrangement.

If there is a fireplace, for conversation purposes it is desirable to set up seating to face each other, rather than the fireplace. With seating that faces the fireplace, conversations will lag and minds drift off. Space between persons should be comfortably close. Too much distance between people decreases intimacy and stifles conviviality.


Colors — Room color should be slightly yang, with soft pastels. Try to avoid using darker yin colors. Rugs, walls and ceiling should coordinate following the Five Element Theory of contributing energies. Integrate all the other colors with the addition of draperies, pillows and art. Introduce varying textures, as well.

Art — Carefully choose the pieces of art for your living room, as they emote and can convey differing effects — action, repose, happiness or sadness, to name a few. It is better not to hang photos of the deceased, or photos or paintings of dilapidated buildings or wild animals, such as lions, tigers, etc.

Be particularly aware of abstract/modern art, as some pieces do not create positive energy. For example, modern statues of people with missing arms or faceless heads are better left displayed in a gallery, rather than in your living room — or any room for that matter.

Feng shui cures

You may apply feng shui cures to your living room to further enhance the chi by following the pattern determined by the Bagua. Since money and finances are currently under stress these days, additions or changes made in the living room can strengthen prosperity.

Standing at the door, move your focus to the far left corner of the room. First, take note of what is already there. Is the appearance contributing to prosperity or is it bare? Does it look neat or is there clutter? If there happens to be a door leading outside in the sun corner, you could be losing money chi through the door. Items to add are a lamp, preferably a torchiere, a table with a large plant, or better yet, a tree flowing upward with rounded or soft leaves, a fish tank or small fountain. Add a mirror for more expansion. Decorate with green, red or purple accents. In a similar fashion, examine the remaining areas of the room according to the corresponding gua.


Louis Audet is a chemical engineer, professional feng shui consultant and dowser with more than 20 years of feng shui experience. He is the author of Feng Shui Keys: Selecting the Perfect Home and Office. or 480-345-1678.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 31, Number 6, December 2012/January 2013.

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