Find your magic

Words and ideas appear on the page that surprise and delight me.

by Sue Meyn — 

I  believe that we each carry magic within us, and over the years my journals have proven this to be true. Words and ideas appear on the page that surprise and delight me. I’ve called it magic since it seems to come from nowhere, and I like the idea that magic can happen at any time. We all have this magic, but we sometimes may have difficulty accessing it.

Here are some exercises to see what shows up for you:

First, imagine this: You have been granted all the magic you will ever need. You are ready to begin to use it. What do you most want to make happen in your life? Remember, you have all the magical powers you need and are about to wave your magic wand. Write for 10 minutes or so.

Next: Stay with that magical goal. Imagine now that your desire has already come to fruition. In fact, you have been living with this change for at least six months to a year. Look back now, over that time, and describe the impact that change has had on your life. Make a journal entry as though it is one year from now and you are looking back over your accomplishments.

Now: Consider the question created by Ira Progoff, “What stirs?” Having read about what the infusion of magic in your life may bring you, are you led to create some action steps now? Or, do you have a new view of your life? Write about it.

Finally: Write yourself an Unsent Letter of Support for who you are. Offer some acceptance and appreciation of yourself, celebrating those aspects of your life that are already wonderful.

Use your magic. It is right there waiting for you to express. It’s there. Trust.


Sue Meyn, L.P.C., has been part of the counseling field for 30 years and encourages people to find their own power through journal writing classes. She facilitates groups for The Wellness Community, an organization that supports cancer patients., or 480-945-9180.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 28, Number 2, Apr/May 2009.

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