From stress to calm in 30 seconds

The way to make choices that mirror the wisdom of our soul is by being in a calm enough state to listen.

by Cammi R. Collier — 

Stress factors in our environment can include the urge to “be somebody” and often involve desires for fame, power, money and prestige. Often, the urge to succeed results from a combination of personal desire and external pressures from friends, family and society. Whenever we make choices for success that are influenced by external pressures and not from internal wisdom, personal conflict and stress can occur.

As with all sources of stress, this particular stress factor can weigh heavily on our quality of life, often causing feelings of missing out on something or of not being in the right place.

The way to make choices that mirror the wisdom of our soul is by being in a calm enough state to listen. What an irony — the best way to get the answers is by being calm during a stressful situation. Our bodies, minds and spirits will cooperate in reaching a calm state as our increased awareness creates a space before words, thoughts and feelings even arise. This exercise will help you reach that space.

Exercise to transform stress to calm

  • Switch your focus from seeing outward to paying attention inward. This is the true state of awareness.
  • Feel and locate your current state of tension. Mentally picture this tension as black forms clogging up your mind, body and energy fields with stressful vibrations.
  • Next, mentally tell the tension that you choose a higher state. Feel the power in your choice!
  • Imagine a powerful vibration of light locating each form of tension, zapping it, and then removing it from your body and mind.
  • Breathe and feel the new calm, centered state. Soak it in.

In this calm state, you can begin to listen and receive insight into your next step. Your soul will communicate in a way you will recognize. For many, it is a “gut feeling.” Remind yourself that when you reach the space before thought, spoken word or feeling, you will choose calm. In doing this, you will activate your inherent wisdom.


Cammi R. Collier is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, angel therapist practitioner, medium, level 3 practitioner in Reconnective Healing and a metaphysical teacher who offers meditations, classes and workshops. 480-988-7297 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 2, April/May 2007.


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