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February 25, 2012

Chakras, Goals, Health, Success

Signs of illness and imbalance indicate that your energy centers are blocked or diminished.

by Dawn Fleming — 

Your success depends on how much physical, emotional and mental energy you have to support your passion and goals. If the tank is empty, the car will not go. In order to stay the course and fuel your passion, you need energy to sustain all levels of your being.

The human body is not only biological (bones, skin, etc.) and chemical (hormones, blood and other bodily fluids), but it is also energetic. Each person has an energy field called an aura that surrounds and inwardly fuels the body, mind and emotions to create health and vitality. Without a healthy energy field, the body begins to break down physically and emotionally into diseased states.

Each person has seven main energy centers called chakras, located in the central core of the body: one at the base of the spine; the second at the navel; third, solar plexus; fourth, heart; fifth, throat; sixth, center of the forehead; and the seventh at the crown of the head. These centers regulate and move energy into all parts of the body, providing fuel for all aspects of our being. If one or more become blocked or depleted because of lifestyle choices, we begin to tire and become anxious and, over time, disease develops.

Stress, poor diet, excess caffeine, alcohol and sugar, lack of exercise, smoking, worry, fear, depression, anger, and environmental and energetic pollutants are just a few factors that will deplete the body’s energy and create blocks. At first, you may not experience low energy or imbalance when you engage in these activities but, over time, the above factors will cause your energy to falter. You feel as if your “get up and go” got up and left. The flame fueling your drive has been extinguished, and it is a struggle to get back into the groove of success. Signs of illness and imbalance indicate that your energy centers are blocked or diminished.

There are many things you can do to increase and enhance your energetic system: reduce stress, walk, exercise, adjust your diet, meditate, receive a Reiki session or massage, smile, detox the body and do yoga, deep breathing and counseling or life coaching.

Examine what is out of balance in your life and work to bring it back into balance. Take a three- to seven-day retreat and detoxify your mind of limiting beliefs, fear and worry. Walk in nature and receive the energy that connecting with the earth, air, water and sun can provide you naturally. When you can detoxify your life from the habits that create energy blocks, you will be rejuvenated and your energy restored.

Create a vision of yourself that supports vibrant energy. What would that look like? How would that feel in your body, mind and emotions? How would you experience yourself with a full tank of energy that does not come from coffee or another stimulant? Take a few moments and get in touch with your vision. Write it down and claim it for yourself. Take the steps necessary to realign with the energy to support your passion and success.

Affirm that “I am a vibrant being filled with the energy, love and passion to fulfill my goals and ensure my success. I make healthy choices every day to support my path to success.” Take some time to breathe these affirmations into each chakra and smile on your road to success.


Dawn Fleming is an intuitive Reiki practitioner, author, teacher and spiritual reader. reikidawn@yahoo.com or www.energytransformations.org.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 6, Dec 2010/Jan 2011.

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