Gemstone therapy — necklaces for whole body healing

February 25, 2012

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Gemstone support is essential for helping people cope with myriad modern health conditions for which medical doctors have no answers.

by Isabelle Morton — 

Therapeutic gemstone necklaces are one of the cornerstones of gemstone energy medicine. Others include single-sphere therapy, oral remedies and sprays imparted with gemstone energies, as well as the training required to use these tools.

The necklaces have led in popularity for many reasons. They were the first gemstone therapy tools to emerge in the 1980s, when their properties were explained by the gemstone guardians — those beings who can be somewhat compared to the devas of the herbal kingdom. Therapeutic necklaces made of gemstone spheres represent a leap in sophistication beyond the capabilities of raw healing crystals.

Unlike the energies of crystals, the body’s aura can regulate how much of a spherical gem’s energy it should receive, based on the individual’s needs. One’s higher intelligence can also direct a sphere’s energy wherever it is required most, given the natural anatomical affinities of the gems being used. Because of this, with daily cleansing, you can safely wear a therapeutic gemstone necklace indefinitely for ongoing support.

Gemstone support is essential for helping people cope with myriad modern health conditions for which medical doctors have no answers. Gemstone necklaces can help strengthen vitality, ease hypersensitivity, reduce the stress of electromagnetic radiation, deflect unwanted energies, open energy flows to and away from the body, bring in life energy and healing color rays, and much more. Because these energies radiate in all directions throughout the aura, they address all levels of our being: physical, emotional, memory, mental and intuitive. With this whole-body support, we are able to focus better on our spiritual growth, which is why some people consider them spiritual tools.

For years, therapeutic gemstone necklaces have been worn around the neck or applied as poultices. Recent innovations have revealed many new ways to use these healing tools. Among them are: aura therapy to clear unwanted energies and extract negative energy anchors and entity contamination; body mandalas for profound grounding and body balancing; “gemstone yoga” to strengthen organs and systems; “gemstone shiatsu” to normalize organ energies; as well as gemstone facials.

Most versatile and fundamental for energy medicine practitioners is a collection of necklaces called the “Foundation Five.” Each necklace consists of gemstones that correspond to one of the five elements of Chinese medicine. When draped over a client’s body, they naturally balance his or her five elements as they manifest in meridians, organs and tissues. Practitioners will find that these necklaces ameliorate a great deal of imbalances and can take a client to a deeper level of receptivity. Because of this, more key and chronic conditions can be addressed.

Only the finest quality gemstones with specific quality parameters are used to make therapeutic gemstone necklaces. They are a rare and precious treasure. When properly cared for, therapeutic gemstones will last for generations and will be a true investment in your health.


Isabelle Morton is the founder of the Gemstone Therapy Institute and GEMFormulas natural remedies. She offers seminars and a free e-mail home study course. or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 6, Dec 2010/Jan 2011.

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