Getting to the cause to relieve symptoms – what your eyes reveal

February 24, 2012

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When we look at the pupil, iris and sclera of the eye, we open another window that reveals what is happening within the body.

by Sharon Smith — 

Treating illnesses with drugs not only masks the symptoms, but can also drive the causes deeper. For example, if one takes a pain reliever to quiet a headache or drinks coffee to get a spike of energy, after the drug and caffeine wear off, the body will be more worn out than before, which can cause even more symptoms. The reality, however, is that a symptom is a gift — an early warning that something is out of balance and needs attention.

When we look at the pupil, iris and sclera of the eye, we open another window that reveals what is happening within the body — sometimes well before disease can register consciously or be picked up by diagnostic equipment. The eyes are an outcropping of the brain, and because of this connection, they are linked to every functioning part of the body.

Whether stress begins mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically, the physical impact is reflected in the eyes. Everything we think, feel and experience is recorded on a cellular level, and the tough, yet delicate fibers of the pupil, iris and sclera respond immediately to these constant changes.

By understanding how to interpret the various lines, colors, structures and accumulations within the eye, we understand just how well the body works to reveal cause and effect, and provide that early-warning system.

Within the body, the organs and glands are considered primary, and other tissues are secondary. When primary problems are remedied, secondary issues tend to resolve themselves completely, or at least more easily. This is also the natural order of healing. When the cause is discovered and treated, the symptoms usually disappear.

As we heal, we feel better and know it. Our eyes provide further testimony to the inner healing that takes place. The light of life that shines from the eyes becomes brighter, and the lines in the sclera recede, form specific healing characteristics, and grow faint or diminish altogether.

The iris can also show changes — more easily seen using an iridologist’s high-powered lens. Solving problems depends on the person and whether his or her approach to a healing protocol is aggressive or passive. The body will respond more quickly if there is also a strong commitment to natural living.

Throughout history, the greatest health professionals have believed that as long as a person has a pulse, there is hope for a full recovery. It is never too late to take good care of yourself. So start today and save your body unnecessary wear and tear.


Sharon Smith is an iridologist, sclerologist and master herbalist.  She helps people discover what their eyes reveal about their health. or 480-874-5280.

Reprinted from AZNetNews, Volume 30, Number 3, June/July 2011.

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