Going with the flow

How many of us have boxes cluttering our garages, filled with things we don’t even remember owning?

by Mark Mansfield — 

Go with the flow. How many times have we heard that, without really thinking about what it means? It is an expression of the metaphysical universal law of circulation, which basically states that everything must remain in motion, or it will die.

To understand this, we need only look at our bodies. Blood must move constantly through our veins and oxygen through our lungs. If either of these processes stops, so do we. The movement of rivers is required for clean water. Still water stagnates and becomes unhealthy. Air circulates through our atmosphere, creating the weather and keeping our planet alive. Planetary rotations are expressions of this law. Even our money must circulate; if it doesn’t, our economy dies.

It seems another law, the law of attraction, is everywhere these days. And yet, without applying the other universal laws, we only understand part of the picture. All of the universal laws are designed to work with each other; therefore, you can’t fully apply the law of attraction without also obeying the law of circulation.

Despite the necessity of obeying this law, many of us violate it all the time with our possessions. We keep things that we may not use, in case we need them someday.

How many of us have boxes cluttering our garages, filled with things we don’t even remember owning? Or drawers shoved so full we couldn’t find anything in them if we tried? Or a closet full of clothes that haven’t been worn in years? Some people even have food in their freezers or cupboards from last year.

The message we send to the universe with these inactions is that we don’t even use what we have, so don’t give us more. We don’t allow for movement and thus, the energy in our home stagnates. How can we attract more into our lives when we don’t create space for it?

When we give away what we don’t need to someone who does, we are helping others and ourselves. So think about that the next time you look at the jeans that haven’t fit in two years. It’s not only wise to give them away, it’s the law.


Mark Mansfield has a master’s degree in counseling and is the creator of Clear Space, a unique, spiritually centered home organizing company. He not only helps organize your space, but also addresses the patterns that got you there in the first place. 480-241-8119 or www.clearspace.vpweb.com.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 27, Number 6, December 2008/January 2009.

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