Gratitude journals

Journal what you are grateful for on that particular day.

by Doreene Clement — 

Think about how you would complete the following: “Today I am grateful for …” Do you already keep a gratitude journal, or do you incorporate one into your current journaling or diary?

If you do not already keep one, you might consider starting a gratitude journal, because keeping a record of your personal gratitudes is one of the most effective journaling tools you can give yourself. This is the time and the place where, every day, you consider and then record what you are grateful for and are happy about. This is the place and time where you record what is in your life, rather than what is not.

When you start your gratitude journal, record daily, weekly or monthly the things for which you are grateful. You can even include the reason and the circumstances that created the gratitude. This becomes a record of your feelings and warm experiences of events and occasions when you have given, and also when you have received.

You can use a notebook, a blank journal or even your existing journal, for your gratitude journal. Write with one color of pen, or choose several different colors to use. You can express specific feelings with specific colors, such as green for a growth memory, blue for peaceful times, etc. You decide what each color means, and note that in the front of the journal.

Journal what you are grateful for on that particular day. Begin by writing, “Today, I am grateful for …” and go from there. This journal becomes a treasured keepsake and a priceless gift you give to yourself.

Here is what others have written in their gratitude journals:

  • Today I am grateful for joy, love and miracles.
  • Today I am grateful for my beautiful wife.
  • Today I am grateful for the angels that are watching over me, today and everyday.
  • Today I am grateful for the incredible meal I just had at a local restaurant.
  • Today I am grateful for God’s love embracing me.
  • Now, think about what or who you are grateful for, and start your own gratitude journal: “Today I am grateful for …”


The late Doreene Clement was the author of The 5 Year Journal,

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 5, October/November 2006.

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