Helpful hints for a healthier lifestyle

Really enjoy what you do, because stress is dangerous to your fragile, healthy cells.

by Cory Lemberger — 

Have fun! Really enjoy what you do, because stress is dangerous to your fragile, healthy cells.

The following hints are general health recommendations. Your own health requirements may differ, so make sure to consult your health care provider to determine what is right for you.

• Keep your energetic pathways clear to allow for the flow of new energy and, most notably, new opportunities in your life.

• Maintain your power — your own internal knowledge — and never give it away. Trust what you know about your own body and communicate that to your healthcare providers. Work with your providers as equal team members to achieve your health goals.

• Always consider holistic alternatives. Determine a complete plan with your health care provider that considers your own input and needs. Many conditions can be improved drastically through nutrition, rather than through the use of a pill.

• Be aware of your thoughts. They are powerful in determining outcomes.

• Develop a relationship with your food. Be grateful for it, bless it with your intentions and patiently eat with focus. Whenever possible grow it, hunt it, retrieve it and prepare it yourself.

• Consider vegetables as the main part of your meal; use animal products, bread, pasta or rice as the smaller portions.

• As a snack, always have fresh fruit, nuts or seeds. Try healthy snacks that are not man-made.

• Shop on the perimeter of the grocery store, where all the whole, fresh foods are located.

• Maintain open communication with someone you trust. A friend, family member or therapist will likely act as a sounding board for ideas. Allow the energy in your life to continue flowing, especially during difficult times.

• Entertain the idea of a health cleanse, not a diet. The results are often life-changing. Cleanses bring us into relationship with what we eat and what we do. This new understanding often brings us better choices as we learn to listen to ourselves. Springtime is a wonderful time to cleanse.

• Drink 2 to 4 quarts of water a day. Your skin, your health and your movement will benefit. And you will avoid nibbling between meals, because a healthy amount of water eliminates hunger pangs.

• Look for new ways to move your body. Stretching and yoga increase the amount of movement, and simple range-of-motion exercises, particularly after a shower, help the flow of fluid in your body. Movement does not need to be drastic; it just needs to be done with focus.

The intent can be to improve your health, maintain good health or manage stress; play with grandkids; enjoy vacations; increase your energy level; or prevent or manage disease. Simply put, get more in touch with who you are.


Cory Lemberger, RPP, HHCP, is a resonance and energetic bodywork practitioner using Polarity Therapy, CranialSacral, massage and life coaching in his practice. He is co-founder of Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center in Mesa, Ariz. 480-282-2199 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 2, April/May 2006.

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