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What can cause age-related apprehension are the physical factors, such as achy joints, fatigue, decreased metabolism and almost non-existent stamina.

What can cause age-related apprehension are the physical factors, such as achy joints, fatigue, decreased metabolism and almost non-existent stamina.

by Dr. Paul Stallone — 

Collecting treasured life moments is one of the few good things about aging. Weddings, births, vacations and good laughs are just some of the events that enrich our lives and, the older we get, the more take-your-breath-away moments we experience.

Not all aspects of aging are welcomed, however. What can cause age-related apprehension are the physical factors, such as achy joints, fatigue, decreased metabolism and almost non-existent stamina. Just the mere fact that we cannot do what was once so easy can be extremely frustrating and depressing. For many, getting older can actually interfere with precious moments.

One of the main reasons our bodies begin to break down is the hormone responsible for giving us energy and youthfulness is produced less. This hormone may begin to decline in our 30s. Our bodies naturally produce human growth hormone (HGH), with the highest levels occurring during puberty. As these levels decrease, many individuals notice the aging process and experience bodily deterioration.

An easy solution can be to supplement with HGH. However, supplementing with this hormone can be tricky and expensive. Fortunately, many options are available for those who genuinely need HGH-replacement therapy. Numerous herbs and nutrients can increase the body’s natural production of HGH. Even specific workouts and certain diets may help. A knowledgeable physician can help customize a treatment plan to trigger greater levels of HGH production and also ensure that the appropriate supplements are being used and at the correct therapeutic dose.

Workouts and supplements might be enough for some, but many people achieve quicker results with sermorelin, an injectable hormone that stimulates the secretion of HGH from the pituitary gland. Sermorelin is a polypeptide chain that mimics the growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), which is the hormone that triggers the making of HGH and IGF-1. Another benefit is that it offers the option to add additional growth hormone-releasing factors like GHRP-6 or GHRP-2 to sermorelin therapy for a customized advanced treatment.

The medical term for a hormone that stimulates another hormone is secretagogue. Sermorelin, a secretagogue for HGH and ultimately IGF-1, is becoming a popular therapy choice for many, versus treating patients with the actual HGH. Sermorelin appears to work better than HGH with respect to the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, liver and cost-benefit analysis.

Supplementing HGH and/or sermorelin can address most age-related symptoms, as well as help address serious health conditions. Some HGH treatment proponents suggest that chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and even obesity are linked to HGH deficiency and, therefore, can be reasonably treated with HGH. These associations are still debatable, as not enough studies have been completed to confirm this. However, those same knowledgeable advocators have proposed HGH therapy for more than two dozen medical conditions.

Both HGH and sermorelin are reported to be excellent choices for those who need:

  • Extra support after an injury or illness — HGH may help your muscles repair after damage and/or help prevent damage from occurring in the first place.
  • Restore libido — Many males and females report a lack of endurance to initiate sex. HGH can not help only with desire, but also with strength for the act.
  • Anti-aging needs — Restoring HGH to higher levels can significantly improve skin thickness, texture and appearance. Wrinkles, age spots and dullness can be successfully reversed. Thicker hair and more growth are also reported.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome and similar energy-depleting illnesses — HGH can help increase energy, stamina and endurance. It also may enable patients to heal more quickly, increase muscle mass faster and sustain longer workouts.
  • Brain issues, such as mental fog, memory problems and forgetfulness — The ability to retain new information is enhanced when HGH levels are balanced.
  • Joint, muscle or other pain relief — Those who experience body pain usually suffer from an old injury. Weakened bones and stabilizing tissue — tendons, ligaments and muscle — may improve and become revitalized with treatment.
  • Weight issues — Those who commit to HGH treatment generally do so to improve their quality of life. Maintaining healthy eating habits and keeping active go hand-in-hand with the goals of HGH supplementation. Healthy muscle mass and leaner body fat are encouraged, so reaching weight goals becomes easier.
  • Sleep problems — Most suffering from this will inject either HGH or a secretagogue at bedtime when levels are naturally higher. HGH can help the body repair and recover at night.

As more research and experiments are conducted, the benefits of HGH continue to multiply. HGH can help turn back the hands of time, but this incredible treatment may also greatly help those with serious complications from a variety of illnesses. It is not used just for those who want more muscle tone or to hold on to their youth.

Many individuals can overcome their health issues with the guidance of a trained physician, but HGH and secretagogues are ideal for those in need of serious relief or faster results. Secretagogues are going to receive a lot of attention in the near future, even though they have been around for decades.

Regardless of the chosen type of injectable, a trained physician needs to be involved in the entire program. Taking on HGH treatment without a physician is dangerous and highly discouraged. Look for a trained physician who understands the body as a whole, especially when making a determination about which therapy is the right one for you.


Paul Stallone, N.M.D., founded the Arizona Integrative Medical Center, located in Scottsdale, Ariz. He combines natural, alternative and conventional treatments to best fit each patient’s needs. or 480-214-3922.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 32, Number 5, October/November 2013.

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