Homeopathic psychiatry: Low self-esteem

Three months after taking the homeopathic remedy, he got a new job where he felt appreciated for his work.

by Dr. Edward Gogek — 

Kevin graduated with an MBA but was disappointed at work. He said, “I feel underutilized. They have given me a kid’s job, like my first job as a teenager. And I make less money than before my degree. I take pride in what I do, but I do not get promoted. Not being recognized is like a slap in the face.

“I am always worried how people view me. I had to do something serious, so I got my MBA. But I am still treated like a child. All my life, I have been embarrassed because I do not measure up. As a kid, I was embarrassed to play with toys around grown-ups because I did not want to look immature. I never wanted to seem like a child, even when I was one. It was humiliating to be a child.

“I felt like a baby, incompetent, reliant on others, needing to be taken care of. Babies are dependent. I do not like how people talk to children, the way they dumb everything down. Children are not taken seriously. I do not like it when I am not taken seriously. Children are viewed as stupid, not capable of making their own decisions. If I am seen as a child, it shatters my hope of making a difference in life.

“People who make a difference are successful and viewed in a positive way. They leave a mark. They are remembered. They have achieved some greatness. I wanted to be like my grandfather who started a business that is still on the New York Stock Exchange. His company is still respected.”

The feelings Kevin described were those of a helpless child who knows he should be great and important, but who is in fact immature and incapable. It was the feeling of a child/prince who is expected to take the throne and be king before he is old enough.

Kings, power, greatness and the CEO of a large company like his grandfather — these are found in the sixth row of the periodic table. The fourth row is working to keep a roof over your head and protecting your family. The fifth row is made up of artisans — people who create. The sixth row contains gold and lead and other heavy metals, and the main issue is power. Cesium, the first element in the sixth row, is for people incapable of power. Barium, the second element, is for those not ready for power because they still have to rely on others. Keynotes for a barium remedy are feeling embarrassed, childlike and laughed at.

However, barium is never found alone in nature. It needs a negatively charged ion. Likewise, our homeopathic barium remedies are always salts, such as barium carbonate. Kevin cared about how he was perceived, which is identity — an issue of the third row. Disappointment is chlorine, a third row element. His biggest conflict was with his mother, which is also chlorine. He wanted to be the opposite of how he was seen, which is chlorine, as well. As a remedy, he was given Baryta muriaticum (Barium chloride) 200C.

Three months after taking the homeopathic remedy, he got a new job where he felt appreciated for his work. He was less self-critical, and his “I must be worthless” thoughts were almost completely gone. He even began to think of going into business for himself.

Nine months after the remedy, he said, “I never felt this good. I wake up ready to go. What I say is being heard. I am not doing the work I want to yet, but I am confident I will get there.” The inadequate and incapable childhood feelings were long gone.

Edward Gogek, M.D., M.D.(H) is a board-certified psychiatrist who uses both alternative and conventional treatments in Prescott, AZ. He graduated from the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy and has studied the sensation method with several of the Mumbai homeopaths. 928-443-0032 or


Reprinted from AZNetNews, Volume 30, Number 6, Dec/Jan 2012.

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