How hypnosis can help with childbirth

January 25, 2013

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Avoiding fear and relaxing into the experience allows the body’s wisdom to steer the course.

by Sara L. Payne — 

The fear of a painful childbirth that most women face today started long ago with the “Curse of Eve.” This belief that labor must be a painful experience has become embedded in many cultures — particularly in the Western world — across the centuries.

But contrary to centuries of cultural indoctrination, childbirth discomfort is something we largely bring upon ourselves. In effect, our belief about the fear causes a fear-tension-pain cycle to start. Fear releases stress hormones known as catecholamines, which trigger the fight-or-flight response. The more stressed we become, the more painful the childbirth. The pain then causes more stress, which perpetuates the cycle.

Thankfully, natural childbirth, when coupled with hypnosis, can effectively break this cycle. Relaxation releases pain-relieving endorphins, bathing the body with pleasant sensations. The mind can be trained to stay out of the way, thus allowing nature to lead the way in a relaxed manner.

After all, we don’t consciously think about operating our bodily functions; we simply support our body through proper nutrition, exercise, etc., trusting it to do the rest on its own. We know our immune system can heal a cut, for instance; we do what is necessary to protect it, and then allow it to heal. Natural childbirth is about trusting your body’s ability to know what to do, using your powerful mind to assist the process. The result is body-centered birthing.

Hypnosis can also help you release other fears and emotional trauma from your life that may surface while you are pregnant. Often, during pregnancy, a mother’s issues from her own childhood become apparent. Birthing traumas can last a lifetime, as is well-documented today. Some have insecurities and fear around parenting; again, hypnosis can help to safely and efficiently change the subconscious patterns around these issues before baby’s arrival. Feeling prepared in all ways is a wonderful gift you give yourself and your newborn.

Understanding the mind/body connection and proper self-hypnosis training are the keys to a healthier, more peaceful birthing experience for mother and baby. Babies birthed in this way begin their lives with many advantages over other types of common birthing practices.

Childbirth hypnosis is a wonderful way to get in touch with your baby in the healthiest manner. Your baby and you will have a special bonding as you clear the path for a peaceful arrival.


Sara L. Payne, C.Ht., is a certified hypnotherapist and empowerment coach who has offices in Scottsdale and Mesa, Ariz. 602-290-3860 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 3, June/July 2006.

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