How to stop oily skin forever

Everyone has great skin; it is just hiding under the skin you see in your mirror.

Everyone has great skin; it is just hiding under the skin you see in your mirror.

by Linda Leibl — 

Are you older than 30 and still frustrated with oily skin? You probably thought you would have outgrown it by now. More than half of my new clients have oily skin and are quite unhappy about it. They have an oily complexion by noon, their makeup needs to be reapplied by 1 p.m., and four hours later they feel like they need to wipe their face with Kleenex, again!

You might also resemble many of my new clients who have purchased product after product that seemed to help for a little while; but six months later, they’re still dissatisfied with their complexions.

These clients have large pores that are embarrassingly visible on their nose and chin areas, not to mention greasy foreheads. The pimples are endless and get worse with every monthly cycle. The pits and scarring have been there way too long. If you have oily skin, you may already have asked, “Is there anyone out there who can help?

Mary’s story is similar to those of hundreds of my clients. She is past 40 and has had oily skin since her teens. She also has noticed that the scarring has not reduced over the years; in fact, it seems to be getting worse. Mary has noticed fine lines beginning to appear around her eye area, as well.

With a stressful job, two teenage daughters and a marriage that is not as happy as she would like it to be, Mary’s demanding lifestyle is totally different than when she was a teenager. Over the years, Mary has spent lots of money trying a bevy of different products, but the acne medications she used in her teens haven’t helped her adult skin.

Mary originally brought in her daughter, Stephanie, for acne treatment. Stephanie is in her teens and has acetic skin on her face and back. She is very active with sports and school activities. During our consultation, she explained that she is in the process of reducing her intake of sugar, chocolate, carbonated sodas, dairy and wheat. I recommended that she drink more water and accelerate her exercise program, along with setting the focused intention of creating a much healthier lifestyle.

I had Stephanie use a cleanser free of polyglycol, sodium laurel sulfate, wax, fatty acids or additives, along with a soft scrub containing no nutshells, which may scratch the skin.

She also had been using an alcohol-free astringent. Alcohol, which dries the skin but doesn’t treat the problem, may help control problematic skin, but does not clear up the breakouts and pimples. I had Stephanie switch to an oil-free moisturizer with mineral water and lavender, rather than using mineral oil and squalene.

Both mother and daughter have followed my oil reduction program and both are overjoyed with their new skin. Of course they are telling all their friends.

Carol, another client, has an interesting story. She has had enlarged pores with an oily complexion, acne scars and sun damage for more than 50 years. After our first phone conversation, she felt she wanted to improve her skin immediately. I told her I had helped hundreds of clients with similar problematic skin conditions and, as always, would do my best to help her. I told her we were a team and would work together to get great skin for her.

Within 30 days, Carol’s skin started to respond to my treatments. She now has a glowing, radiant complexion, her pores are smaller and she receives compliments all the time.

Everyone has great skin; it is just hiding under the skin you see in your mirror.

Recommendations to reduce oily skin

• Always read the labels. All products you use should be botanically based, pH correct, hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and formulated without animal products or byproducts, mineral oil, dyes or chemical fragrances.

• Protection. Every day we are exposed to car exhaust, environmental debris, desert dust and more. Use a foundation base to protect your skin, just as you wear clothing to protect your body from the elements.

• Cleanse your face. Wash your face in the morning, the evening and immediately after your workouts. Do not work out with makeup on.

• No picking. Try not to pick at your face. Our fingers and fingernails are covered with bacteria.

• Use oil-free products. A gentle exfoliating scrub and cellulose sponge are best for rinsing your face. This special sponge will clean your face and assist in reducing cellular debris (dirt in your pores).

• Never sleep with your makeup on. This is a biggie. It is bad for your complexion and will age you more quickly than anything else.

• Clean off your keyboards, telephones and cell phones with alcohol. They collect dust, dirt and bacteria that may build up into a big pimple on your chin when you touch your face after using them. You may also share your phones or keyboards with others who have various skin problems and may inadvertently spread their problems to your face.


Linda L. Leibl, B.S., has been a clinical aesthetician since 1986 and founded Advanced Skin Technology in 1993 in Scottsdale, Ariz. She works as an educator and District Manager with Arbonne International., or 480-443-3445.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 1, February/March 2006.

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