In position to accept your blessings?

Spirit continually throws the ball of blessings to you.

by Linda Williams — 

We are still all abuzz about the Big Game, the Super Bowl. Elaborate plans were made to welcome guests to the Valley as we hosted this grand event. Virtually every hotel room was booked, Valley residents rented out their homes and fans held their breath to see which team would prevail. Thousands of Arizonans volunteered their time to make this the best Super Bowl ever.

I am not all that knowledgeable about the game of football, but it appears that the quarterback calls the plays and then throws the ball to the location on the field where the running back should be. If the running back is in that spot and catches the ball, then the play was a success and everyone has done their job.

How can we compare the Big Game to the game of life? Let us say you are the running back, and Spirit is the quarterback. Spirit continually throws the ball of blessings to you. When you are in the correct position to catch the blessings ball, everyone says you are lucky to live a charmed life. Or, are the blessings dropping all around you, without your being able to catch them?

How do you ensure that you are in the proper position to receive? Start with communication. We are creators, and every thought is a prayer. Whether you communicate with Spirit through thought or through prayer, you are being heard. Next, trust that your request will be fulfilled, and that your desire and happiness are important to Spirit.

Finally, listen for communication from Spirit, and be willing to follow the guidance you receive. Spirit sends answers all the time, but you may be too busy to listen or become fearful because the outcome is not yet clear. Communicate, trust and follow its guidance. Spirit will never let you down.


Linda Williams is a spiritual teacher who is continuing her journey by furthering her education in Spiritual Studies at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, in Tempe, Ariz. or 602-438-9272.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 27, Number 1, February/March 2008.

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