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The answer to finding balance in life with a more complete mind-body-spirit connection, finding more joy in relationships and finding peace in daily life, is truly pretty simple.

by Cory Lemberger — 

The answer to finding balance in life with a more complete mind-body-spirit connection, finding more joy in relationships and finding peace in daily life, is truly pretty simple. The answer to this whole balanced-life question is clear, because you already have the answer.

As a reader of AZNetNews, you are most likely already searching for things like a deeper connection, interested in topics such as alternative health solutions or ways to manage the stress in your life.

This year, Americans will spend billions in our attempt to find balance through a myriad of possible “solutions.” With our endless solutions of high- and low-tech gadgets, supplements and self-help books on every possible improvable facet of the human condition, one simple concept remains. The idea is that a balanced life is often a simple life, consisting of nutrition, movement and open communication within relationships. The best components of a balanced, peaceful and joyful life have always leaned toward simplicity.

Regular exercise, expressing your unique truth in life, and eating healthy servings of fruits and vegetables will add to the quality of your life. The question then becomes, “If it is so simple, why aren’t more of us finding success on our quest for this fountain of balancing waters?”

The answer is we can. Even better, the news is, we will. We are closing in on a place where, with the speed we are traveling, we will come full circle as a society. We are already searching for those places of calm again in our lives, homes and work. Individually, we will discover balance on our own and we will achieve it within our families, with our friends and therapists, and by ourselves — through trial and error.

The reason the solutions to renewed balance are so simple is that all the best answers lie in simplifying, answers which can be found within each one of us. Within you and me are messages so subtle and profound that we discount them daily, looking instead to our doctors, pastors and mechanics to give us the answers. Each day, with physical sensations both powerful and petite, the systems of our bodies send messages to aid us in finding our ways back to that path of balance. We can gracefully locate that joyous yellow brick road by gently listening and responding to those messages and making tiny corrections.

Tiny corrections to, “I should not have eaten that” or “I know I need to start exercising again.” After each meal, our body lets us know its opinion of the contents of our food. We receive a feeling in our body as the proper balance of hormones, antibodies and system-wide building blocks are circulated. Pizza and ice cream create a particular sensation 20 minutes later, while a veggie stir-fry creates another. We often become addicted, sometimes even to unplesant feelings.

Articles in this edition of AZNetNews will offer numerous suggestions regarding why you should not drink soda, what type of therapy to use for your specific ailment and ideas about how to feel better by making certain holistic changes. You may spend money on countless books, seminars and products all to help you be happy. Those dollars will likely be well spent, and your time reading this paper cover-to-cover also will be fruitful. However, we already have the answers to every question we are asking. Those answers lie within our bodies and within life itself. Try listening a little — and if you are already listening, act upon the messages you’re receiving.

Honor yourself and the immeasurable intelligence contained in the cells and systems of your body by doing something right now. Ask yourself and your body what it wants. If you don’t already know, it will give you an answer. Trust it.

Your answer may be to carry a water bottle everywhere you go, park in a distant spot in the parking lot while on your next errand and enjoy the walk, invest in a yoga membership or massage, or ask your partner to have tea and talk openly with you about a certain topic. Other ideas are to buy a CD, meditate or write to an old friend. Whatever your first step is, make it within the next couple of hours, and write it down. Then, decide what your next step will be.

Perhaps you are considering leaving your job to improve your life. Is a change in your eating habits necessary? Do you simply need to get off the couch and walk, climb or go boating? You know the answers to these in your gut and in your heart. When you begin to listen to your own body, trust your own heart and take simple steps of your own choosing — miraculous things will begin to happen. Take a step today!


Cory Lemberger, RPP, HHCP, is a resonance and energetic bodywork practitioner bringing Polarity Therapy, cranialSacral, massage and life coaching into his practice. He is co-founder of Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center in Mesa, Ariz. 480-282-2199 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 3, June/July 2006.

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