Intuition and free will

The role of intuition is to guide us and help bring greater awareness to the choices through which we create our lives.

by Andrea Hess — 

Many people actively working on their intuitive development may ask themselves: “Why can’t intuition be more obvious? Why can’t it be easier to discern?”

These are excellent questions, and the answer is simple: free will. We are here to live by choice and consequence. We are responsible for all our choices. Through the perfect feedback system that is our world, we learn about the quality of our choices through their consequences. We can then use this information to make new choices, in order to create the consequences we desire. This is how we learn and grow and create our reality.

The role of our intuition — the information that comes to us from our higher self and spirit guides — is not to relieve us of the responsibility of our choices. The role of intuition is to gently guide us and help bring greater awareness to the choices through which we create our lives.

Now imagine if intuitive information came to you via the cinematic version. You know — the heavens open, a ray of white light falls upon your face and a big booming voice announces, “You must pick up the phone and call Aunt Margaret.” Would you call Aunt Margaret? Of course! You would feel so compelled by this event that you would follow this guidance without questioning it. You would feel so compelled, in fact, that one might say your free will was compromised.

Indeed, needing to call Aunt Margaret doesn’t seem like a big intuitive insight. We don’t mind if those “little” messages fall by the wayside, but we would like the booming celestial voice to loudly announce the “big stuff,” such as our next career move, the name of our future life partner or even some stock market tips.

Intuitively speaking, there are no big or small messages. Calling Aunt Margaret might have life-changing consequences, for all we know. From the perspective of the present moment, it is hard to tell. Therefore, all intuitive information is created equal. And absolutely none of it will ever compromise your free will, no matter what the message is.

Intuitive guidance is always merely a suggestion. Intuition comes to you in a way that you can choose to ignore. Otherwise, you would no longer operate through free will, and your spiritual evolution would be compromised. Since intuition is designed to serve your spiritual growth, it can never be obvious. It is a hint, a whisper, a nudge. You can listen, or you can just as easily brush it aside. The choice is always yours.


Andrea Hess is an intuitive consultant, certified life coach and author of Unlock Your Intuition. She offers a certification program in Soul Realignment™ to those who wish to pursue professional intuitive development. or 480-471-5688.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 27, Number 3, June/July 2008.

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