Lemurian seed crystals

August 16, 2012

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The structure and internal clarity of the Lemurian seed crystals set them apart from most other quartz crystals.

by Karyn Diane Kish — 

Discovered in 1999, the Lemurian seed crystals emerged from sand beds on a hillside in Brazil. The individual placement of these rare crystals in the sand, along with their unique, naturally formed generators and amplifiers, commanded attention as it seemed as though they had been intentionally planted — lying just beneath the surface, incubating to come into sight at just this precise time in history.

The structure and internal clarity of the Lemurian seed crystals set them apart from most other quartz crystals. The distinctive series of horizontal striation that adorn one or more sides of the crystal seem so precise in their uniformity and pattern that they appear to many to have been lasered.

Myth or history

Be it myth or historical reality, the name reportedly given these exquisite specimens originated from the ancient land of Lemuria, believed to have sunk beneath the Pacific Ocean some 12 million years ago. The Lemurians were known as a peaceful, incredibly artistic and highly spiritually developed race of beings.

Their consciousness was quite different in that the Lemurians were profoundly connected to their heart qualities. They had considerable compassion and expressed unconditional love with ease. Their connection to the Divine, as well as to each other, was at the unity consciousness level of utopia.

It is believed that during the last days of Lemuria, conditions on Earth became extremely unfriendly and life was difficult to sustain. The Lemurians decided to plant seed crystals programmed to transmit the message of oneness. These crystals carry the wisdom and unity consciousness of this race and have not, as yet, been fully activated. It is surmised that these crystals are here now, actively assisting in anchoring the energies to support Earth in its expanded awareness of the primal unity of all entities.

It is believed that these crystals are thus connected to inner earth, the earth’s surface and the stars. Each seed crystal is energetically joined to all other seed crystals, which serve as a link to various magnetic fields in the universe.

Colors and attributes

The colors of Lemurian seed crystals can range from a reddish-pink glow, a smoky gray or a golden tangerine to a citrine hue or clear, with an almost frosted or matte-like finish.

Clear Lemurian: For unity consciousness, unconditional love and wisdom. Activates the divine feminine energy. Enhances channeling and telepathy. Clears, balances and chargesall chakras.

Pink Lemurian: Activates the light/heart/body to a purer vibrational state of love. Supports emotional/spiritual healing.

Smoky Lemurian: An extremely effectual tool to clear karmic patterns. Empowers one’s soul to operate with full awareness in all dimensions, and imparts wisdom and enlightenment for a higher state of consciousness.

Citrine Lemurian: Teaches how to access one’s gifts and skills to rebalance the present, and facilitates a shift into the abundant future for Earth and its inhabitants. Fosters spiritual abundance.

Tangerine Lemurian: Accelerates energy patterns that activate soul-based creativity. Amends the etheric blueprint to rectify karmic and soul imbalances.

As we ease into a new era, opening to a greater spiritual awareness, allowing the creative sparks of each individual to activate the divine feminine within, we become even more powerful and integral parts of the cosmic design. Look beyond the illusions of separateness and open your heart with the gift of unconditional love. Go with your soul and experience the magic within. It is your birthright to return to paradise and touch the tree of life.

The true magic of the Lemurian seed crystal is the gift it holds, a blessing of unconditional love for Earth and its inhabitants. Remember your soul and learn to move beyond illusion into all that is. Your gift awaits — receive it now with blessings.


Karyn Diane Kish, a former aerospace engineer, is founder and owner of Gypsy Trader. She is also an ordained minister, educator, intuitive spiritual counselor, clinical hypnotherapist and a certified Reconnection practitioner. 602-971-4445 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 30, Number 5, October/November 2011.

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