Life is like a movie

Get involved in writing your life from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep.

by Sherry Anshara — 

Do some people in your life appear all too familiar? Have you reached the stage where people are starting to look alike, and they feel so familiar that you wonder, “Don’t I already know this person?” even if you know you’ve never met? Have you ever had the experience where you felt as if you were in a movie?

Sometimes, it feels as if it would be great to know for sure what was coming next. Hmmm … maybe there are some reasonable explanations to these thought-provoking questions, the answers to which you haven’t put your finger on just yet. Perhaps the answers lie in the most amazing place — right inside of you.

Could it be that maybe, just maybe, you have reincarnated so many times that you are running out of new scenarios and people to write into your movie script? Maybe it is time to consider writing different movie scenes, locations, characters and actors into your script. How would life look if you were to write something new?

You have been in similar roles with your acting group: you are the parent or the child, the leader or the follower. Sometimes you play a less defined role. You already know that because it is a fact. But what if you looked at your life as a fantastic opportunity? What if life were an advance fact-finding mission so that you could script, edit, produce, direct, act and even cast your new movie, your new life? How fabulous would that be?

Start by taking the time to look around. What is it that you like, or do not like, about your life? This could be the best time to “get your act together” and start making some positive, upbeat changes. Ask yourself, “If I could change one thing, what would that be?” Write it down and re-write your life. Include what you would like to see for yourself in the next week, month or year. Just make sure you are not re-writing an old scene from an old movie that has been over-produced.

Maybe it is time to bring new characters into your life. Look on your own bright side — you do have one, you know. Life is not always grim and sad. Write all the “rights” into your new movie. Forget about the wrongs. Movie on! Take charge of your own production company and make sure what you are producing is what you want your life to be.

Get a new theme song. Stop singing the blues. Get in tune and write a song with the lyrics of your new movie. Let go of those sad tunes — get rid of those country and western blues about being left alone, high and dry. Get in tune with your life!

Get involved in writing your life from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. And if you cannot fall asleep, use that time as a perfect occasion to view your new movie. Be creative. Enjoy yourself and be open to inviting new people and new scenes into your life. Make sure to enjoy lots of popcorn while watching your new movie and your new life unreel.


Sherry Anshara, founder of QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness and originator of The QuantumPathic Energy Medicine Methodology, has a medical intuitive practice in Scottsdale, Ariz. Author of The Age of Inheritance: The Activation of the 13 Chakras, Sherry hosts “On the Air with Sherry Anshara” on, or 480-609-0874.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 2, April/May 2006.

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