Lithium quartz: Crystal of harmony

This rare silicon dioxide material contains pure quartz crystal, plus the lithium ions.

by Karyn Diane Kish — 

Lithium quartz crystals occur as prismatic quartz with inclusions of a soft magenta hue or lavender gray lithium-bearing material. This rare silicon dioxide material contains pure quartz crystal, plus the lithium ions. It has a hardness of seven and is found in a very remote area of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Coming to light and emerging from the sidelines of time, lithium quartz has now taken its rightful place at center stage. It has been called one of the most powerful and finest balancing and healing crystals on the planet right now.

Lithium quartz is pre-programmed by nature to be self-clearing and self-cleansing. It emanates a pure ray of golden spiral light, which is the frequency vibration of perfect harmony. This harmony crystal resonates with every note of the musical scale and can be used safely to activate and clear all the chakras.

These crystals embrace the attributes of being both left-hand and right-hand polarities, performing as sender and receiver, as well as an amplifier and collector of energy. Lithium quartz has surprisingly strong vibrations, given the usually gentle energies of other lithium minerals. If a portion or piece of lithium quartz breaks off from the whole larger crystal, it still retains the full energy charge with power equal to that of the whole larger crystal.

Lithium quartz crystals make ideal meditation stones. Their energy enhances the depth of meditation, bringing one into harmony with the present moment.

It is also an excellent stone for enhancing intimacy and passion between lovers and spouses. It can benefit anyone seeking more harmony in any of their relationships.

When holding a lithium quartz crystal, a gentle, yet powerful energy is perceived as it opens the heart chakra. This is followed by a pleasant wave of euphoria, joy and peace. The energy then activates the third-eye, creating feelings of a harmonious rhythm of positive energy, to calm body, mind and soul. This activation will bring one into alignment with a higher state of consciousness or higher self. In this state, the process of surrendering to the will of the Divine and releasing unhealthy attachments creates an emotional peace and well-being.

When you are able to “let go and let God,” release and surrender, aligning with the Divine, you can and will manifest more wonderful things than you ever imagined possible.

Evolve in harmony with the Divine, flowing calmly into greater peace and joy with lithium quartz, the harmony stone.


Karyn Diane Kish, a former aerospace engineer, is founder and owner of Gypsy Trader. She is also an ordained minister, educator, intuitive spiritual counselor, clinical hypnotherapist and a certified Reconnection practitioner. 602-971-4445 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 28, Number 1, Feb/Mar 2009.

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