Love is in the hair

What woman does not want to surprise her significant other or new beau with a sexy, new hairstyle that will keep him coming back for more?

by Brittany Piracci — 

Valentine’s Day is certainly a time to think about date-night hair, but what about the rest of the year? What woman does not want to surprise her significant other or new beau with a sexy, new hairstyle that will keep him coming back for more?

Begin with the cut and color. Is it fresh and new? Maybe now is the time to add a few highlights or enrich your luscious dark hair with some shine and depth. Organic Color Systems’ color is oil-based and does not use ammonia, creating beautiful, shiny and healthy hair. Also, adding layers to a long look or a face-framing cut can make hair feel sexy and new. If your hair is a shorter style, reshaping will give it an updated look. A quality conditioning treatment is always a good idea if you have not had one in the past three months. Try the O’Right Green Tea Deep Conditioner to make your hair feel soft and shiny.

The next step is styling — think big, sexy, shiny hair. That starts with a good blow-dry. As always, in both long and short hair, styling products are essential. My favorite product for any hair is Hydrate Leave-in Conditioner by Organic Color Systems. It adds moisture and makes it smooth without weighing down the hair. Add about a quarter-size amount of product for long hair and a nickel-size amount for short, starting at the ends of the hair and working your way up.

Buy products without parabens, wax or silicone, which are bad for your hair and health.

The blow-dry is key to getting hair big (volume) and shiny. I suggest using a round boar-bristle brush. Before round brushing begins, dry the hair until it is about 80 percent dry. Then, divide the hair into five sections — part half from ear to ear. Divide the front section into three parts, one on top and one on each side of the head. Part the back down the middle, creating two sections. Start drying the back two sections, beginning at the top of each section and working down. Working downward will create tons of volume by pushing the hair upwards after each section, rather than laying wet hair on top of freshly blown-out hair. Continue round brushing around the head.

Once your blow-dry is complete, you can leave as is or add a few curls using a 1- or a 1-1/2-inch curling iron. Start at the top of your section and work your iron down rather than starting at the end of the hair and curling up. This will give you those sexy waves that will keep your man’s eyes on you the entire evening. Finish by spraying Shining Hair Spray by O’Right, and complete the look with Organic Color Systems’ Finishing Hair Spray.

Your hair is now date night ready.


Brittany Piracci is a hairstylist and certified Organic Salon Systems colorist at Verde Salon — Organic Beauty in Chandler, Ariz. She has extensive training in blowouts and the KeraGreen Smoothing System. 480-786-1111 or

 Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 32, Number 1, February/March 2013.
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