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August 17, 2012

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For starters, turn off the TV or limit your viewing time of the media frenetic.

by Kris Lecakes Haley — 

Mother Earth has been quite vocal lately. News of tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and more make up the content of our evening news reports, prompting an interesting question that is frequently on the forefront of the minds of many, but one that continues to confound most. Because the track record of the law of attraction is a formidable one, it is hard to deny its viability.

Certainly, it is equally feasible to believe that those in our western coastal areas might well be concentrating (consciously or subconsciously) on, say an earthquake, as to manifest one. However, a key characteristic of individuals in predisposed areas is typically a nonplussed, ho-hum perspective — one that indicates that their geographical longevity has created a mental resiliency that does not come within miles of the neighborhood of fear, no less take up residence in it.

So how does the law of attraction work, then, if the individuals to whom the event is happening are not the activators of the law at any ethereal level? Hmmm. Well, here is a new angle. What if it is not them? What if it is us?

These last several weeks, we have seen evidence that the Ring of Fire — the part of our planet that is predisposed to earthquake activity — has been extremely active. And while Mexicali had some activity, for the most part, California has been unscathed. But how many of us have held even a random thought about California in the last few weeks? About why California has been quiet or when California may be affected? Could that be enough to bring those thoughts into manifestation?

Perhaps those random thoughts, when intertwined with one another’s are enough to move the law of attraction to a tipping point. Perhaps it is absolutely not those residing in the areas of concern who are attracting issues to themselves, after all — but in this world of instant media where we are constantly apprised within moments of the doings of our planet — is it we who bear the responsibility. It certainly gives a renewed perspective on how we, and our thoughts, are all connected.

What can we do? For starters, turn off the TV or limit your viewing time of the media frenetic. Seek a quiet time in which you can envision a peaceful planet, literally and figuratively. The time is now. And, as the saying goes, If not us, who? If not now, when? Our planet, and all the life forms she supports, needs us more than ever. Shall we answer her call?


Kris Lecakes Haley is an ordained animal chaplain and humane educator.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 3, June/July 2010.

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