Masters of the Golden Wisdom

The explosive tale, spun with the threads of fantasy, romance, action and spiritual enlightenment.

Masters of the Golden Wisdom

by Elle Maurene —

Maurene dips her pen into the fantasy genre and whisks readers to a world of sorcerers, powerful temple elders, beautiful young women, handsome men, spiritual masters — and ultimate transformation.

The explosive tale, spun with the threads of fantasy, romance, action and spiritual enlightenment, takes place in Nieubia, a beautiful land of vision, magic, mystery and in the Temple of Nieubi, a huge structure housing an influential sect whose unequaled dominance has resulted in the spiritual stagnation of the people.

Xenia, a young, beautiful temple scribe, is mysteriously sent to a neighboring province to tutor the son of a wealthy, powerful landowner. A dramatic twist occurs when the father tries to seduce Xenia and persuade her to reveal secret information about the Temple.

To further compound the turmoil is the presence of a very mysterious old man who tells her about a “secret word” that can bring spiritual freedom and happiness to all who chant it — a spiritual power that has been hidden from the masses by the temple elders.

Xenia must decide whether to expose this information to the people, succumb to the exciting landowner or marry the kind-hearted neighbor. But mysterious Masters appear, telling her to reveal the secret word to all.

Suddenly, Xenia finds herself forced to resolve a dilemma of epic proportions — while spiritual freedom for future generations hangs precariously in the balance.

$19.99 — Xlibris Corporation.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 27, Number 5, October/November 2008.

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