Molds and vaccinations: Recipes for disaster

Our goal in using natural therapies is to remove the blockages, such as infections, toxic substances, chemical imbalances and vitamin deficiencies, which prevent the body’s natural ability to heal.

by Dr. Steven Siegel — 

You might be wondering what molds and vaccines could possibly have in common. The answer is that they both contain remnant, residual byproducts called biotoxins that can continue to recirculate in the body, eliciting an immune response. In fact, it’s not an immune deficiency that most people assume underlies their symptoms or ailments; rather, it’s a hyper-vigilant or aggressive immune system that’s been overly sensitized and stimulates the body to excessively produce immune chemicals. These chemicals present symptoms when you contract a mold, bacteria, or viral infection.

These organisms don’t create the symptoms you experience when you get sick; they are chemicals called cytokines, released from white blood cells to fight the infection in order to kill, break down and cart away the debris. This is the action that creates the body’s response of fever, chills, headaches, fatigue, inflammation and other various symptoms you experience when you are sick.

Though the toxins in molds and vaccines are different, the end result is the same. The body has been dealt a toxic assault and cannot deal with them, or the body excessively overreacts to them. The latter results in what we call an autoimmune disease, many of whose names we are very familiar with. They include rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, colitis, lupus, MS, ALS and many others.

Even food and environmental allergies are the results of an overly sensitized immune response. In these cases we want to stop the autoimmune process first. Once that overly aggressive immune system is calmed down, we can repair the tissues that have been damaged. Many people who have tried to treat themselves have made their problems much worse. People mistakenly attempt to improve their immunity with natural substances that increasre the function of their immune systems.

Why would you want to make your immune system attack your own body more aggressively? That’s right — you cause your immune system to more effectively at attack your own tissues, which increases the inflammation, tissue destruction and organ damage. Therefore, you need to have an effective game plan to restore the body’s normal functioning and to calm down the autoimmune process.

Alternatively, traditional doctors will approach this problem by just attending to the symptoms with anti-inflammatory drugs to quell the inflammation and suppress the symptoms. By their own admission, they have no way to cure these problems, so their treatment is to manage the disease. I liken that to putting out the fire as the embers still burn. The human body is an amazing creation; it is auto-regulating and self-healing, though at times things happen that create blockages to healing.

Our goal in using natural therapies is to remove the blockages, such as infections, toxic substances, chemical imbalances and vitamin deficiencies, which prevent the body’s natural ability to heal. We want to restore the body to the original “factory settings.” That means eliminating the blockages to healing so that the body can function and repair itself as it was designed to do.

Even though Arizona is a very dry place, many molds and fungi flourish here. One main example is the fungus that causes Valley Fever, which is spread when the earth is disrupted and the spores are sent airborne. Many homes here have flat roofs, and almost every home with a flat roof has a mold problem, due to water pooling after a rain and the resulting seepage into the walls.

This is particularly true in homes with swamp coolers, which provide the perfect environment for fungal growth. Bathrooms are especially vulnerable if there isn’t adequate ventilation. These fungal toxins can be very debilitating and cause a wide, diverse set of symptoms such as chronic fatigue, headaches, rashes, joint pains, depression and inability to concentrate, to name a few.

Vaccinations have saved many lives throughout history, but today vaccines are loaded with toxic substances. This toxic material remains in the body and causes many problems. We have been reading lately how mercury causes autism. There’s a great debate about this, but research is starting to find that children who develop autism after a vaccination have a defect in the APOE4 gene that codes for the substance that binds to the mercury and helps eliminate it. Children who can’t code for that substance are unable to clear the mercury from their systems. Therefore it ends up blocking the nerve receptors in the brain, causing a disruption in the normal function of neurotransmitters and thus altered neurological function.

Again, the toxic substance and viral remnants wreak havoc on the immune system, causing not only autism in children but also autoimmune diseases in adults later in life. There is great hope now to alleviate these terrible diseases. Due to the emerging field of nanotechnology, there are some incredible products that dislodge this material and help to reverse these processes. We have seen incredible results with autistic children. When this toxicity is eliminated, they actually become aware and start functioning almost normally. I would like to restate that if we can remove the blockages to healing, the body has the ability to start to heal itself and function again.


Steven Siegel, D.C., is a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutritionists, a certified clinical nutritionist, Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncturists, certified craniopath and a chiropractic physician. 480-603-9222.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 27, Number 2, April/May 2008.

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