Packing for the journey to happiness, fulfillment, potential and greatness

The key to getting where you want to go with ease and enjoyment is not about what your life was in the past. It is about what you want as your life now.

by Valerie Fink Sierra — 

Life has finally worn you out. It is time for a little vacation; time to get away from all the stress, challenges, heartaches, conflicts, disappointments and overall disarray of your life. The decision is made, and it is time to journey toward your desired destination of happiness, fulfillment, potential and greatness. The destination is solidly determined, and you prepare to leave as soon as you are packed. Now, what does one take along on such a journey?

Think about the times you started out seeking happiness. Did you travel light, or pack heavy sorrows that were hanging about in the recesses of your heart? We are not talking memories here, but unresolved issues of anger, resentment, unforgiveness. There are so many to choose from and they all fit so well it is difficult to leave any of them behind. So let’s not start there. Instead, begin with the humor and laughter that have gone unworn for many months now.

Next, take along a neutral outfit of non-judgment that goes with anything and works under any circumstance. Then there is the classic that fits so well — you always look great in it, and it can be worn for any occasion: a smile. There you have it, everything you need for the journey to happiness.

Next, let’s pack for fulfillment. Please, leave the “what ifs” and “can’t dos” at home. There are too many to consider bringing along. Not even one will do. Delve deep into the recesses of your forgotten successes and accomplishments. You know the ones — like the time you got your driver’s license or learned to swim in the deep end. Take along joy, elation and enthusiasm, as they can be mixed and matched for any occasion on the journey to fulfillment.

Now for the grand finale of the journey: potential and greatness. The first thing that always attempts to be squeezed in is expectations. On this journey, though, there is zero room for expectations: of others or the self-imposed version. The coordinating piece, limitations, gets left behind as well.

Time to dig deep and pull out the vital essentials you tossed away when you gave up and decided never to try again. These were the ones that were frowned upon when you wore them, and you did not quite believe they were right for you, so you went along with what everyone else was wearing. These complementary pieces — trust and faith in yourself — are a must to take. They are wrinkle-free, water- and stain-proof, and can be worn under everything else packed for this journey.

The key to getting where you want to go with ease and enjoyment is not about what your life was in the past. It is about what you want as your life now. It is about always having the basics ready, and leaving room for the many new trinkets to be collected along the way, souvenirs such as valuable lessons and experiences worthy of saving — ones that do not take up a lot of room or weigh you down. And savor the “wow” moments such as pure enjoyment and laughter, as well as the great stories for sharing and touching the lives of others or making a difference in the world.

Simply put, when traveling to the destinations of happiness, fulfillment, potential and greatness, pack smart, pack light, wear your smile, leave plenty of room for new wow moments and let the journey begin.


Valerie Fink Sierra is a certified life coach specializing in island retreats for women. She holds a Master of Arts in Human Resources as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. or 602-703-4863.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 5, October/November 2007.

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