Plant your “seeds” this spring

As the flowers begin to bloom, so too should your dreams and intentions.

by Jacquelyn Lee Clark — 

Spring is almost here, bringing with it a beautiful renewed energy, full of new beginnings and space for change or rebirth. The sun begins to warm the earth, bringing fresh new ground and opportunities, not only for nature, but also for the human spirit. As the flowers begin to bloom, so too should your dreams and intentions.

Take some time to notice all the re-growth going on in nature — on trees, bushes and flowers — all of which are sprouting little bright green leaves, even more beautiful than before. Liken this to the human experience — that we are all capable of changing, growing, learning and becoming more beautiful by the moment.

Take this opportunity to set your intentions, or plant those seeds. Set your goals for the future with excitement. Then you can take steps toward those goals by making a dream board or creating affirmations to help manifest them. Give your seeds some time to take root and nurture them daily, just as you would a garden.

Believe in your inner garden, but most of all, make sure to keep the faith that it will bloom in perfect divine time. Notice the symbolism all around us in nature. Set your intentions and then literally plant real seeds to tend. This practice is a great reminder of your goals and is also very grounding.

So begin gardening with your spirit and realizing your dreams. May the sun shine warmth into your heart and help your spirit to bloom.


Jacquelyn Lee Clark is a spiritual counselor and healer and runs Love-N-Life in Scottsdale. She is also a minister and a Reiki master who teaches classes. 602-518-0082 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 31, Number 1, Feb/Mar 2012.


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