Rejuvenation in timeless space

Just like the law of gravity has no effect in space, you can neutralize the concept of time in the timeless space.

by Eva-Maria Mora — 

The angels want to invite us to join them in a journey to the ageless space of angelic time. This is a timeless zone we can enter just by taking a deep breath, to experience the moment and escape the wheel of time. Being in this space makes it possible to transform the energy of any moment in time.

The effect on present time is remarkable and can solve many problems, including health issues. It is also possible to regain our life-force energy that we left somewhere in the past, much like when we’ve forgotten our umbrella, keys or purse. Very often we are unaware that we have lost a lot of energy during stressful situations.

How do you enter this space? Enter by relaxing, taking a deep breath and calling upon your angels to escort you into the timeless space. Visualize a heavenly gate through which you enter with your angels. See if you can find the bubbling spring of your personal energy; it might look like a little lake or a plain faucet — there is no wrong or right visual. Now, absorb this energy by drinking from it or bathing in it.

If you have difficulty finding this source, ask the angels to connect you with the divine spring, and trust that your reservoirs will be filled. Enjoy the moment of timelessness and, if you like, set the intention that this energy will also transform unwanted energies, return whatever was lost along the way (joy, love, etc.) and rejuvenate you.

It is important to allow yourself to float in it and feel it. Do this exercise before going to sleep. In the morning you will awaken feeling refreshed and recharged.

Here is another variation for the patient ones among us. When you enter the space of no time, visualize something you believe might only happen in the future. Bring it close to you and amplify your own attracting energy by visualizing that your wish is already granted.

Just like the law of gravity has no effect in space, you can neutralize the concept of time in the timeless space. Everything is happening at once. Manifesting is instant and works best that way.


Eva-Maria Mora is a clairvoyant medical intuitive with an MBA. She is the founder and author of Quantum-Angel-Healing™. She teaches this new healing modality worldwide.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 5, October/November 2006.

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