Restore hope with Gorse

The Gorse flower remedy is for those individuals who have, on some inner level, decided to stop looking for ways to thrive.

by Linda Crider — 

Gorse is a bright yellow flower that was once described by Dr. Edward Bach as “sunshine in a bottle.” Bach included the flower essence made from this hardy botanical in his system of 38 flower remedies. Along with its uplifting color, the gorse plant is an abundantly growing shrub that consistently manages to spread and thrive.

The Gorse flower remedy is for those individuals who have, on some inner level, decided to stop looking for ways to thrive. When an individual is disappointed after a minor setback, the essence of Gentian may be taken to rekindle enthusiasm. Gorse, on the other hand, is for those who have lost all belief in the possibility of improving their situation. These folks are not in a state of despair but instead see their current circumstances as beyond repair.

Gorse is often called for in cases of chronic illness. The individuals have tried numerous therapies that have been unsuccessful and have lost the will to seek other options. Alternative treatments may exist and people outwardly may seem willing to go along with suggestions but, in their hearts, they have decided that nothing will work and there is no point in trying.

In short, they have given up and are resigned to their unhappy fate. Such negative expectations only serve to perpetuate the problem, which can lead to an even deeper state of stagnation. Since they are likely to humor those around them by continuing to try on the surface, those in need of Gorse may be difficult to recognize.

Bach practitioners have described these individuals as having a downtrodden look, often accompanied by pale skin and dark circles under the eyes. One writes that those in a negative Gorse state sometimes look like they have been living in the basement and have not seen the sun for a long time. They may make such statements as: “What is the use?; Why bother since nothing will help?; or I will give it a try but it will not change anything.”

Unsuccessful dieters who believe they have tried every weight-reduction method possible and are resigned to the extra pounds would be encouraged by a regimen of Gorse. It may also be used as a “type” remedy for consistently pessimistic individuals or in acute instances in which someone has lost their customary sense of optimism.

Animals and plants that would benefit from Gorse can also be difficult to pinpoint. Although they cannot talk, they speak to us in less articulate ways. An animal in a negative Gorse state may appear depressed or seemingly ready to die, especially after a long period of illness or neglect. Plants, in turn, may look as if they are refusing to thrive, with drooping leaves and an overall wilted look. All living things in need of this remedy emit very low energy vibrations.

The Gorse shrub is at its best in the spring, but it is said to always have a few random blooms in less-than-optimal seasons. Taking the essence of this plant helps to bring all beings out of a state of resigned stagnation. It may not ensure a positive outcome, but it restores the hope and belief that one is possible. This new, revised outlook comes not from some outside force, but from within.


Linda M. Crider, BFRP, has been a promoter and educator of botanical healing practices for 15 years. She specializes in flower essence therapy and is a Bach Foundation registered practitioner and founder of Blooming Vibrations, LLC. 602-774-2382 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 32, Number 1, February/March 2013.

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