Rife frequencies: The answer for cancer and Lyme disease

Acupuncture, which uses the body’s own energy as it flows through the meridians, is starting to be used in hospitals due to consumer demand.

by Brenda Haas-Krieger —

Dr. Royal Rife was an inventor who proved in the 1930s that microorganisms, including cancer, can be readily destroyed with the use of frequencies. He discovered that every living organism vibrates at its own unique frequency. Think of the opera singer who is able to hit just the right note long enough to shatter glass. Likewise, if you transmit the exact frequencies that cancer cells use, you can shatter and kill them.

Rife called this type of therapy “energy medicine” or “resonance healing.” He had developed a simple, nontoxic, affordable treatment for cancer, and he was literally hounded to his death because of it. Reports describing the cure were censored by the executive director of the American Medical Association after Rife refused to sell his machines exclusively to that organization. Renowned researchers who had examined Rife’s technology and supported it were scorned. Eventually, a long, dark silence lasting decades fell over the cancer cure.

Today, conventional medicine makes limited use of frequencies. Machines measure the electrical output of the heart and brain, and radiation is used to treat cancer cells and malfunctioning thyroid glands. Acupuncture, which uses the body’s energy as it flows through meridians, is starting to be used in hospitals due to consumer demand.

Interest in the use of healing frequencies is growing, thanks in great part to debilitating, chronic Lyme disease infections. Lyme and its co-infections respond exceptionally well to electrical therapies. People with chronic Lyme see that frequencies succeed where most everything else has not.

Antibiotics are limited by blood distribution, the blood brain barrier and biofilm. However, electromagnetic fields are not limited at all. Lyme is notorious for dodging antibiotics because it can change itself from a spirochete to a cell wall-deficient entity to a virtually impenetrable cyst form. It can also cloak itself in biofilm and become invisible to the immune system.

But all that maneuvering does not outsmart frequencies — they can penetrate everything. Electromagnetic energy reaches every area of the body effectively, including skin, blood, tissue, bones and brain.

Not all Rife machines are the same. Many people purchase hand-held devices referred to as “Rife machines.” They work by dialing up specific frequencies and transmitting them through metal contacts. Electrical energy from hand-held devices can travel easily across the skin, but will never penetrate the body.

Rife used only light to transmit the frequencies. If your machine does not have a helium neon light bulb, it is not a true Rife machine, and it is not the protocol he used to cure his cancer patients. The machines made today, based on his technology, are called BeamRay Sound and Light generators.


Brenda Haas-Krieger, MS Environmental Health, College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati. She has worked with Rife frequencies since 1999. 480-314-0065.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 5, Oct/Nov 2010.

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