Shiva Lingam: A stone of oneness

Known as Shiva Lingam, these elongated egg-shaped stones are naturally formed from a mineral called cryptocrystalline quartz, with iron oxide deposits.

by Karyn Diane Kish — 

It is believed that millions of years ago, a meteorite collided with the earth in an area of India now known as the source of the Narmada River. When the meteorite fell to Earth, the tremendous heat of the collision caused a fusion of the meteoric iron oxide and ambient rock.

As time passed, water began to flow. A combination of these factors formed a rare and unique condition: the pieces of the fused matter revolving in the riverbed for thousands of years developed into distinctive oval forms — noticeably different from the flat, thin rocks normally appearing in the riverbed.

Known as Shiva Lingam, these elongated egg-shaped stones are naturally formed from a mineral called cryptocrystalline quartz, with iron oxide deposits. They are composed primarily of microscopic quartz, with a density very close to that of an emerald. The stones are tan and gray with markings of reddish stripes, spots, and rings or circles. These markings, considered spiritually auspicious, are part of the meteorite material.

A sacred stone to the Hindu tradition, the Shiva Lingam stones are ceremoniously gathered once a year from the muddy banks of the Narmada river, one of the seven sacred places of pilgrimage in India. The egg-shape stones are then hand-polished; the larger ones can take up to several months to complete. Many villagers seal the stones with a mixture of waxes and oils, according to formulas of ancient tradition.

Since the beginning of time, men have collected stones with the belief that many of them were vessels which hold life force energy and all its mystery. The Shiva Lingam is such a stone. It has been highly revered and widely used throughout  the course of history for both worship and ritual.

Within its own form, the Shiva Lingam symbolizes both the male and female energies, as well as the cosmic egg from which all creation is said to have emerged. The red markings represent the energizing female energy, which arouses the masculine urge to create. At first impression, it might seem like the designs, spots, rings and swirls were hand painted, creating an illusion of an image onto each of the stones.

As one of the oldest spiritual icons to civilization, the energy of this sacred stone reminds us that, beyond the perceived opposites of the yin and yang, there exists an underlying unifying force, creating the energy of oneness to the Divine.

The Shiva Lingam has an extreme capacity to hold a powerful vibrational force that resonates deeply with the energies of Mother Earth and is amazing to use during meditation or sleep. Its grounding energies can also give a boost of vitality.

The stone embodies the healing polarities and the unifying force of creation. Their energetics initiate the sacred kundalini energy that rises up the spine, activating the chakras to convey enlightenment.

The message of the Shiva Lingam is that of unity: balancing the yin and yang, light and dark, and uniting all aspects of self while lovingly accepting the differences in others as expressions of the many faces of the creator. The energy of Shiva Lingam brings physical strength, emotional loving acceptance and spiritual enlightenment.


Karyn Diane Kish, a former aerospace engineer, is founder and owner of Gypsy Trader. She is also an ordained minister, educator, intuitive spiritual counselor, clinical hypnotherapist and a certified Reconnection practitioner. 602-971-4445 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 27, Number 6, December 2008/January 2009.

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