Sugilite: A stone of dreams

The magenta-purple shade is considered more valuable, especially in the translucent form known as gel, which is very rare.

by Karyn Diane Kish — 

Sugilite is a rare potassium sodium lithium iron manganese aluminum silicate mineral. It is a very beautiful stone that ranges between 6 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, with colors ranging from violet-pink to a deep purple. It crystallizes in the form of lightly banded masses, and occasionally is found configured where both sugilite and quartz are present.

The magenta-purple shade is considered more valuable, especially in the translucent form known as gel, which is very rare. Most sugilite is found in very deep manganese mines in the Kalahari region of the Republic of South Africa.


Sugilite emits a pure violet ray, a powerful, loving energy that brings love, light and wisdom into the most challenging of situations. In calling forth this violet flame of purification, it awakens the crown chakra (seventh), third eye (sixth) and the transpersonal and etheric chakras (eighth through fourteenth). This energy can realign the body and help create balance for spiritual, emotional and physical healing. The stone is very effectual for the heart center, owing to its vibratory energy pattern that is the perfect state of love. It reminds one of the connection between a healthy body and the well-being of the mind.

Meditate, dream and manifest

When meditating or dreaming with sugilite, the depth of one’s inner experience can increase greatly. Insights can be astonishing, and the imagery received can be intertwined with significance and symbolic meanings. The understanding of these images can aid in discovering one’s innermost motivation.

The soul’s desires are revealed in deep dreaming. The energy of this stone can open the portal to the realization of the soul’s true passion and purpose. It creates a gentle, loving flow of information from the spiritual world to the mental plane allowing an increased understanding of life’s lessons. It brings together the heart and mind, with a remembrance of the gifts and talents one has brought to this world to explore and realize.

Sugilite teaches how to live from one’s truth by direct communion with the soul. This wonderful violet flame-energy wakes one up to the great potential and the world of possibilities.

A healing stone

Sugilite encourages one’s own healing abilities. As a healing stone, it is especially effective in removing energy blockages, and aids in channeling healing energy into the body, mind and spirit, as needed. Sugilite can realign the body and help balance the all-important pineal, pituitary and adrenal glands.

The gentle loving energy of sugilite is especially effective in reducing stress, relieving pain, and clearing headaches and discomfort at all levels. Some people suffering from cancer have found sugilite to be of benefit.

Sugilite is the stone of remembrance, love and forgiveness. Dream it. It’s yours!


Karyn Diane Kish, a former aerospace engineer, is founder and owner of Gypsy Trader. She is also an ordained minister, intuitive spiritual counselor, educator, clinical hypnotherapist and a certified Reconnection practitioner. 602-971-4445 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 27, Number 4, August/September 2008.

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