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First date — frog or prince

August 24, 2013

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by Morgan Rose —  Let us face it, first dates can be awkward. Some would say pure torture. You are trying to be perfect. He is trying to be perfect. Neither of you are perfect, whatever perfect means. And, realistically, does pretending to be perfect prove he is a man who can love you? Of […]

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Business success strategies for introverts

July 25, 2012

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by Laura Orsini —  Many business owners and entrepreneurs are outgoing folks who find it easy to socialize, meet new people and start conversations with strangers. For them, networking ― a most necessary component to creating and sustaining business relationships ― is easy, or at least not a dreaded chore. They look forward to bringing […]

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Telephones and self-improvement

February 23, 2012

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by Irene Conlan —  I have been hosting a radio show for a year now, and it has been an amazing ride. Last month, I interviewed a woman in Bath, England, and you would think I was talking to someone across town. The next week, my guest who was supposed to be in Ontario, Canada, […]

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