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Living with Lyme disease

August 19, 2013

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by Dr. Paul Stallone —  Lyme disease (LD) can be a lifelong battle with many complications and setbacks. The biggest obstacle is obtaining an early and proper diagnosis. LD is often called “The Great Imitator” because it mimics numerous disorders such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and ADHD. Testing for it is […]

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Secret formula to be happy and lean

August 18, 2013

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by Dr. Alan Christianson —  The secret formula to being happy and lean is 70-100 mg/dl — that is it. Now that you know the secret, here are more details. The numbers reflect the ideal range of your blood sugar. When there is too little, your brain and muscles cannot work at their best. When […]

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Food sensitivities and leaky gut

June 4, 2013

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by Dr. Denise Grobe —  Leaky gut syndrome and food sensitivities may be the answer to many cause-unknown type illnesses. They may also explain many of the symptoms patients have that confound and confuse some conventional physicians. Our bodies’ responses to the foods we eat are an integral part of our overall health — they […]

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Prolotherapy and joint hypermobility

February 17, 2013

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by Dr. Fred G. Arnold —  Hypermobile joints are sometimes referred to as loose joints, and those who have them are labeled “double jointed.” Hypermobility of a joint can be entertaining when we see nimble performers at Cirque Du Soleil contort their bodies in strange and awkward ways. However, for some individuals, hypermobility is a […]

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The healing powers of estafiate

January 5, 2013

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by Kiva Rose —  They have come from all over to learn the medicine of this restored river canyon. On a guided plant walk through the lush river woodland, they point to vines, twisting tree trunks and bright flowers, inquiring about the use of each. The rich smell of cottonwood leaves and wild mint mingles […]

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Meadowsweet — not just for pain

December 30, 2012

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  by Dr. Jennifer Burns —  Meadowsweet (Spirea ulmaria), a member of the rose family, was one of the sacred herbs used by the Druids. In the early 1800s, a doctor extracted salicylate from the flower part of the plant and used it to treat pain. The anti-inflammatory effects of this herb make it ideal […]

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Toxic metals: Where they come from and how they affect us

December 20, 2012

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by Dr. Carole Eastman —  Sometimes occurring naturally and sometimes introduced by humans, toxic metals are everywhere. As a result of this chronic low-level exposure, as well as the body’s inability to adequately excrete them, these toxic heavy metals accumulate and are deposited in tissues such as bone, brain, kidney, liver, arteries, heart and muscle, […]

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Chronic pain doesn’t have to be a lifelong companion

August 28, 2012

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by Dr. Mark Starr —  Many people have accepted pain as a lifelong companion because their doctors don’t know to examine all the possibilities for finding a solution. There are many reasons a person might have chronic pain, and it pays to explore them all. Pain frequently occurs in the muscles, so this is the […]

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Arnica: The wonder medicine

August 8, 2012

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by Dr. Richard H. Pitcairn —  Last issue, we considered basic principles and the understanding that the symptoms of illness are part of the body’s healing process and, therefore, of estimable value. We also saw that we can use medicines to stimulate this healing process — to make it work better and faster. The trick […]

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Fibromyalgia syndrome

February 24, 2012

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by Dr. Murray Susser —  Suppose you have muscle pain that will not go away and doctors are not helping much. The best feedback you get is that it is labeled as fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS). But, what does that mean? Fibromyalgia syndrome may not be a disease. It is a symptom or set of symptoms […]

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