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Childhood asthma linked to Western diet

March 5, 2013

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by Joanne Henning Tedesco —   Parents, please beware. A new study from New Zealand has concluded that children who eat hamburgers, even just once a week, are twice as likely to develop asthma and wheezing problems. Specifically, kids who eat one hamburger a week are 75 percent more likely to have asthma and 100 […]

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Falling off the balance beam

January 17, 2013

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by Dr. Tom Stempel —  We often hear people say, “I feel out of balance.” Usually they are referring to spiritual or emotional feelings, but if you observe them closely, you can often see that the emotional or spiritual imbalance also causes them to be out of balance physically. Tight neck or shoulder muscles may […]

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Stress, exercise, aging and the metabolic syndrome

September 9, 2012

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by Dr. Thomas Alexander —  If a patient with insulin resistance were to ask me, “Doc, give me just one thing I can do to improve my insulin resistance,” I would probably have to say, “Exercise.” Since the word exercise can have many negative connotations, let’s use the term physical activity instead. When we were […]

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Exercise for seniors

August 31, 2012

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by Rick Barnabo —  While talking about exercise with seniors, some of the objections I most often hear are: “It’s too late,” “It’s not safe” or “I have a chronic illness.” So, is it too late? Is it safe? Should you exercise with a chronic illness? Research has shown that people of all ages benefit […]

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Finding inner peace

August 24, 2012

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by Kathy Balland —  Do you know someone who is living life in a way that is detrimental to their health? They may be using drugs, alcohol or some other form of artificial gratification to deal with their stress. Not only is this type of gratification temporary, the use of these substances can have a […]

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Steps to better health

August 14, 2012

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by Dr. Nicholas Warner —  Today, we know more than ever about how the body deteriorates over time and its vulnerability to disease. Health practitioners are rapidly adapting this knowledge to promote health and longevity. The “healthier you” incorporates your physical, mental and emotional best. Here are some of the steps you can take to […]

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Longevity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and you

August 7, 2012

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by Dr. Thomas Alexander —  One of the buzzwords in holistic medicine today is anti-aging, which I prefer to call aging gracefully without loss of body function. Often ignored is a syndrome called metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance, which is one of the most common causes of aging today. The characteristics listed below define this […]

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Children, fitness and you

July 28, 2012

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by Heather Demeritte —  Did you know the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed the alarming statistics that 17 percent of today’s youth are overweight and an additional 15 percent are at risk? Children face health problems previously seen only in adults, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and high […]

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