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Managing Minerals

July 10, 2013

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by Dr. Larry Wilson — Minerals, from calcium and magnesium, to the trace elements such as zinc, are perhaps the single most important group of nutrients. They are required for every bodily function, from activating muscles and nerves, to digestion, energy production, and all healing and regeneration of the body. This article focuses on important […]

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Pre-pregnancy cleansing

June 16, 2013

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by Dr. Adrienne Stewart  —  Preventative medicine has lifelong benefits. The earlier you invest in your health, the greater the returns you can expect throughout life. Imagine the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as a young child or even before you were born. That is why preconception care can be very healing, not only for […]

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Trimethylglycine (TMG) to the Rescue

June 1, 2013

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by Dr. Larry Wilson —  Many people believe or were taught that diet alone provides adequate nutrition and that we do not need to take nutritional supplements. I, too, believed this at one time. However, years of experience as a physician proved me wrong. Our food supply today is low in nutrients — even the […]

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Your environment impacts your health

May 5, 2013

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by Joy Abrams —  While many understand that feng shui is concerned with the flow of energy in space and how we resonate within this space, few realize that ignoring its precepts can negatively effect health. In principle, this idea is easy to grasp: If your space is not healthy, you will not feel well. […]

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Baby Boomers — the next 60 years

April 7, 2013

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by Dr. Bill Gallagher —  Baby boomers start turning 60 years old this year (yes, some of us are only turning 42), and we have much to look back on. Ahead of us is a longer life expectancy, and with it, the time to do more. The key, of course, is staying healthy enough to […]

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I’m sick and tired of hearing about stress

January 11, 2013

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by Irene Conlan —  “I’m sick and tired of hearing about stress,” he said. “I read about it in magazines and the newspaper; they talk about it on the radio and on TV. That’s all they talk about at work. Stress, stress, stress. So what’s the big deal?” He had come for hypnotherapy because he […]

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Antioxidants = anti-aging

December 21, 2012

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by Amber Geller —  What are antioxidants? You may have heard that they have something to do with blueberries. While that is true, there is much more to these powerful nutrients that ultimately guard your body against free radicals. Dr. Michael Cutler, M.D., director of anti-aging research at the National Institutes of Health, says, “The […]

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Health updates

September 18, 2012

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The following is new information regarding toxic lawns and how to have the best-looking lawn around. Facts about America’s chemically dependent and toxic lawns • 67 million pounds of pesticides are applied to roughly 30 million acres of lawns in the U.S. annually. • The number one, most water-intensive crop in the United States is […]

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Walkable communities: A better way

July 10, 2012

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by Mike Cartsonis —  We can live better lives if we make good choices. Half of our daily trips to and from home are less than three miles; and half of those less than one mile — short enough distances that many of us could walk, ride a bike or take an electric vehicle. Think […]

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Cleaner air vote fails

April 12, 2012

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by Mary Budinger —  The latest attempts to weaken the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards that limit mercury and other toxic air pollution from industrial power plants have failed. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) introduced a proposed rider to the 2012 Federal Transportation bill that would have rolled back recently proposed cleaner air standards. On March […]

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Health updates: Environmental exposure and ractopamine

February 27, 2012

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The following is information regarding environmental exposure and arthritis, and information about a drug pumped into animals days before slaughtering. Environmental exposure can trigger arthritis The links between autoimmune diseases, infections and the environment are complex and mysterious. Spondyloarthropathies, a group of common inflammatory rheumatic disorders, appear to be triggered by environmental factors. Unlike osteoarthritis, […]

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The joy of using plants and trees

February 23, 2012

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by Joy Abrams —  Plants, flowers and trees are more than just food or foliage. They represent symbols of growth and prosperity that lift the spirits, reduce stress and provide natural protection from air and noise pollution. When plants are used indoors, they are an invaluable feng shui remedy for ramping up energy levels. Feng […]

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