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Calming your baby naturally

March 5, 2012

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by Sunny Wight —  Have you ever heard a colicky baby cry? Colic is a condition that occurs when a healthy, well-fed baby frequently cries or fusses for long periods of time, sometimes hours. New parents are already tired enough without adding the stress and frustration that come with being unable to calm their baby. […]

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D is for depression

February 26, 2012

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by Dr. Tara Peyman —  Many people are aware that vitamin D is important for bone health. Research is emerging that confirms the importance of vitamin D for prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and a variety of other diseases. Recent studies also have shown that vitamin D deficiency may increase your risk of depression, […]

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Vaccination rates vs. infant mortality rates

February 23, 2012

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Finally, someone has dared to compare the numbers — vaccination rates vs. infant mortality rates. Then dared to publicly ask the same question some of us have been asking for a long time: How can a nation that spends more on health care per capita than any other country in the world also be home […]

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