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Statin drugs and CoQ10

September 22, 2015

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Statin drugs and CoQ10 by Dr. Fred Arnold —  It is a common belief of many medical professionals that statin drugs lower the incidence of cardiovascular disease by lowering LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol levels are considered the “bad cholesterol,” which is why many doctors prescribe statin drugs to lower it. However, a recent study in […]

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The skinny on fats

March 6, 2013

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by Dr. Larry Wilson —  High-quality fats and oils are one of the most essential foods to consume every day. They are needed as an energy source for your brain and for producing many vital hormones in the body. They are also essential for transporting all vitamins, minerals and hormones through every one of your […]

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Are meds killing your libido?

September 3, 2012

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by Dr. Ann Lovick —  Can something you take every day disrupt your sex life? Absolutely! Medications are one of the most common libido killers. When meds are prescribed or taken over-the-counter, most people do not consider the side effects that go with them. We usually just want symptom relief and blame our low sex […]

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CRP: A marker of cardiovascular inflammation

August 26, 2012

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by Dr. Robin Terranella —  When it comes to cardiovascular disease (CVD), most of us know that high blood pressure and cholesterol are important risk factors requiring control. However, a recent study, called JUPITER (Justification for the Use of statins in Primary prevention: an Intervention Trial Evaluating Rosuvastatin), found that more emphasis should be placed […]

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Increase in strokes? Why the surprise?

February 29, 2012

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by Becky Coffield —  A recent article in the Arizona Republic reported that the number of middle-aged women having strokes has greatly increased. This is in spite of the increase in the number of women who are now taking statins to reduce cholesterol. Is this really so surprising? More and more reputable researchers are challenging […]

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Ways to reduce inflammation without drugs

February 28, 2012

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Many experts predict that millions of people will be put on statin drugs, as a result of the 1.9-year JUPITER study, a clinical trial evaluating the drug, Crestor®. The study seemed to show that Crestor lowers the risk of heart attack and strokes in those with high levels of inflammation. But the benefits were actually […]

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The Drug Dilemma

February 26, 2012

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by Dr. Larry Wilson —  Drug medicine or allopathy is the accepted method of treatment for most diseases. However, it is often not the best method. Most people are not aware of the serious problems associated with patented drugs, which include the high cost, ineffectiveness, toxic side effects and harm to the environment. Brief history […]

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