The birth of the Avatar

imagesCAZI78XBThe birth of the Avatar

by Alison David Bird —

“Your souls fall like stars in the birth of the Avatars. But where are you? Do you know our attempts to take your planet to Light have failed six times before? Or, that this may indeed be the last and final attempt we can make together?

“This is as close as you have ever come, and some of you are stealthily stealing ground from under the noses of forces that are opposing your every move. However, to others we would say posting pictures of angels on Facebook may no longer be enough.

“Much of what you have been led to believe about spirituality in your dimension was devised for that experience. The truth is more pragmatic. There is a muddy, dirty war waging and we are sorry to wake you from your slumber, but the enemy is at the gate. It is time to get suited and booted. It is time to put the foot soldiers on the ground. It is time to birth the Avatar race.

“We can assist you in becoming anchors of these Infinite Light Frequencies to the planet surface and teach you to stand in your power as the Advanced Guard you came here to be — Michael’s Sentinels of Light. You, our lightworkers as fully embodied Avatars, are and always have been our greatest hope.”

The foregoing was channeled from Grace Elohim, Galactic Federation of Light.

Marconics is the evolution of energy healing that activates the Fifth Dimensional Body Template by flooding the axiatonal system with higher, light-encoded healing frequencies.

The Galactic Federation of Light calls Marconics “the human upgrade.” We were once programmed to perceive and experience life through the filters and restrictions of the third dimension. Now we are being recalibrated to become multidimensional beings as Earth is brought into alignment with the center of the Milky Way galaxy in a return to galactic consciousness.

The Marconics “No-Touch” protocol helps you to drop density in preparation for the fifth paradigm. The Marconic Recalibration and the Integrated Chakra Unification liberate us from our karmic creations as the body hologram is aligned with higher dimensions.

Marconic practitioners have been shown how to anchor the monadic mind (known as the oversoul or the galactic core) in the eighth dimension and bring it progressively down into merger with the fifth-dimensional archetypal mind and the second-dimensional emotional mind realigning the axis of 15 dimensions in a recalibration of the multidimensional holographic body.

Marconic practitioners are the “midwives” delivering the waiting higher selves and, in some cases, angelic counterparts into the incarnate body — each one introducing a higher vibrational resonance, raising the incarnate up another step on the ladder of Ascension.

You can become certified as a Marconic practitioner and receive your own upgrade. The Marconic team is visiting Sedona, Ariz., October 9-11, 2014. For details call 617-366-6042, see the ad or


Alison David Bird, C.Ht, is the originator of Marconics, a new multidimensional energy system heralded as the evolution of energy healing. She is a former British medical journalist, a certified hypnotherapist and a teacher of spiritual alchemy and metaphysics. In 2012, she was contacted by Pleiadians of the Galactic Federation of Light and in 2013 bestowed with Marconic energy, for which she has been custodian throughout many lifetimes. 617-366-6042 or

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Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 33, Number 4, August/September 2014.


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