The DNA of destiny

Fundamental thinking and behavior patterns relate to every choice you make during the course of a day and throughout your life.

by Blanche Williams — 

Fundamental thinking and behavior patterns relate to every choice you make during the course of a day and throughout your life. Within your every decision lies an archetype for success or failure, for fear or focus.

Consider your patterns of active or passive expression, the links that bind you to your destiny. Your DNA is predetermined at birth; therefore, living your destiny is merely being who you are meant to be. On an esoteric level, when you live up to your destiny you live in alignment with your ordained greatness.

Nothing just happens — intricate and free-flowing patterns interconnect to create universal frequencies of enlightenment. Everything, known and unknown, is governed by universal laws and principles. However, do not mistake order with being conventional or stagnant. On the contrary, freedom and power exist in knowing the unlimited potential awaiting your command.

Think about it. When was the last time you defined your potential? Have you considered what you are capable of doing, versus what you are doing at this moment? Do you understand the concept of possessing unlimited possibilities? What does that mean to you, and how will you apply this understanding?

Which thought or behavior patterns help or hinder you on this journey to claim your greatness? Do you want to step beyond your comfort zone? What are you afraid of? Are you willing to make the effort to win the glory?

Each day brings new challenges via old situations or new situations extending old challenges. You have the ability to break through and shatter your mind’s glass ceiling to reach heights unimagined. Your wavelength of wisdom will filter and dispose of the mediocrity that interferes with your destiny.

If you want your life to change, you must change yourself first. Only you can improve the skills that will enhance your career or lifestyle. Only you can enhance your sense of self, your self-love and your self-worth or make the changes in you that will change your life. People see you differently when you see yourself differently and respond based on the confidence you express in yourself. Expose the real you that is meant to be revealed.

Destiny sees itself in your eyes, spirit and heart, for destiny lives within the inner essence of your divine DNA. Explore that which makes you uncomfortable and find truth there. Explore that which angers you and find love there. Explore that which scares you and find strength there.

Invisible strands of inspiration dance within your being, allowing its rhythm to penetrate your imagination and bring passion and purpose to your performance. You will experience joy unparalleled and life fulfilled. Imagine your divine possibilities!


Blanche Williams is a national broadcast journalist, dynamic speaker, empowerment coach and change agent. She is the author of How to Design Your Mind for Greatness and Daily Greatness Reminders, and host of Greatness by Design, a talk show on XM Satellite Radio. or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 3, June/July 2007.

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