The energetic component of fertility

Energetic options include meditation, acupuncture, reflexology, and imaging or visualization.

by Nancy Beauchamp — 

Some things in life are free. Most things we put our minds to we can accomplish. One very important exception seems to be parenthood. Couples who long for a child but are unable to conceive can be stymied about what to do to accomplish their hearts’ desire.

Allopathic medicine proposes many different approaches to solve their “problem.” Couples are tested and instructed about the options available to them. Stories about fertility drugs, and the multiple births that can result, make headlines. Surrogate mothers are an option some couples choose. This is a realistic solution, but it can lead to difficulties and legal issues. In vitro fertilization is an expensive process that can be wearing on the individuals and their relationships.

Even with all of this discussion, one important area that is not addressed by conventional medicine is the energetic component. How is stress contributing to the fertility process? Are the couples using relaxation techniques? How open is the communication regarding their real feelings about the situation and their options? What blocks lie in their creative chakras? What beliefs are guiding them through this process or causing them to want children in the first place?

Couples wanting to manifest children into their lives should probably look more to their inner selves. The physical aspects of their lives will follow their ideation and energetic paths.

Energetic options include meditation, acupuncture, reflexology, and imaging or visualization. Not only are these methods low-cost, but they tap into each individual’s core. These modalities put mind over matter. They can help couples define their strengths and use them to accomplish what they want out of life — not only children, but also better relationships and greater abundance.


Nancy Beauchamp has a bachelor of science in nursing and is board-certified in reflexology and integrative imagery. She is a medical researcher and offers private sessions. 480-262-7126.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 5, October/November 2006.

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