The energetic language of conception

The energetic language of conception

Couples trying to conceive after the age of 35 may also want to explore whether they are trying to conceive out of fear (a “now or never” attitude) or a true desire to become parents.

Couples trying to conceive after the age of 35 may also want to explore whether they are trying to conceive out of fear (a “now or never” attitude) or a true desire to become parents.

by Dr. Christine Brass-Jones and Stasia Minkowsky — 

Infertility has become a multi-million-dollar business, replete with invasive, uncomfortable tests and doctors who may lack sensitivity and compassion for their patients. Couples may find themselves locked into the Western ideology that infertility treatment is the only path to conception of a child. For some, in-vitro fertilization may seem like their final option.

Yet stories abound about couples for whom, as soon as they stopped trying, pregnancy occurred. How often have you met or heard about a couple who, told they would never conceive, decided to adopt — and shortly thereafter become pregnant?

Is there an energetic language to conception? And how do couples learn to speak that language? The language of energetics is not as mystical as it might sound. Like other laws of the Universe such as gravity, the law of energy is simply that energy follows intention. Although the law is straightforward, humans are a bit more complex. This means that couples must take responsibility for all that is spoken and unspoken — all that is thought, consciously and unconsciously. This requires the understanding that even the best medical techniques will not override the underlying messages couples are sending to their bodies, to their unborn children and to each other.

To begin, couples will want to take an honest inventory of their relationship to determine what message they are energetically communicating to the unborn soul. Does one partner want a child more than the other? Is one partner pushing the idea, while the other is secretly reluctant or indifferent? If one partner has children from a previous marriage, are they attempting to make their new partner happy while feeling burdened or guilty by the responsibilities of the children they already have? This may be a particular issue if the children are geographically separated from the parent due to a difficult or ongoing custody battle.

Couples trying to conceive after the age of 35 may also want to explore whether they are trying to conceive out of fear (a “now or never” attitude) or a true desire to become parents. This may be especially true for women who, regardless of scientific advancements, can not change the age of their eggs. Because of this, women may feel additional pressure to become mothers before it’s too late. This fear may spiral into a fear of letting down their partner and family.

Furthermore, couples must take an honest look at their financial situation. Is one partner the primary breadwinner? If a woman does not feel financially stable or feels her husband is not able to supplement her income, her fear and the vulnerability of pregnancy may prevent conception. Regardless of the circumstance, the message is the same — fear can energetically block conception.

In addition to honest inventory and communication, waiting souls are seeking confident and ready mother and fathers. Couples who are consumed by their careers, stress and a general lack of time may wonder how a child will fit into their current schedule. Who will be responsible for childcare? Will responsibilities be split equally, or will one parent be expected to give up their current profession? Will this lead to resentment? Does one partner feel unready to be a parent?

When couples struggle with self-doubt around parenthood, they are energetically communicating this self-doubt to the unborn soul. The soul may decide that now is not the right time, and choose to wait until the couple is more confident in their ability to parent.

So how can couples energetically convey positive messages to their unborn children? If a couple feels confident in their relationship and mutually committed to raising a child, they can welcome the child by keeping a journal. This may include stating what kind of life they will provide for the child, in order to call the right soul to the right atmosphere. Redecorating or arranging the home using feng-shui techniques may also energetically create balance and harmony for a nesting atmosphere. The use of essential oils through aromatherapy can also help during preconception to get in touch with both the Higher Self and the soul preparing to enter.

It is also important to recognize that all souls enter Earth with different vibrational frequencies. Thus, a baby’s body and soul need to be compatible. Many first-trimester miscarriages are due to the baby having a higher vibrational frequency than the mother. Moms-to-be can use acupuncture, hypnosis, fertility massage, Reiki, yoga and castor oil packs to change their own vibrational levels and energy.

Additionally, tools such as hypnotherapy may help couples get to the root of their hidden belief systems to positively alter the messages they are sending. Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, suggests that couples put together an ephistogram. This is an emotional and physical family health history that diagrams patterns found within families in order to understand what messages either partner has received about having children. This may include a list of family secrets including miscarriages, abortions and difficult births or birth defects. When couples can fully understand the impact their thoughts and hidden belief systems have, positive communication to their unborn children can be established.

There is no single answer to infertility, so it is important for couples to move beyond the anatomy and physiology of the body and recognize the subconscious messages they are energetically sending to the unborn soul. Once decoded, these messages can help the couple change negative thought patterns, fears or communication blocks in their relationship. By investing time in their emotional well-being, couples may not only conceive a child, but create a healthier relationship, as well.


Dr. Christine Brass-Jones, D.O., OB/GYN can be reached at the Center for True Harmony Wellness and Medicine in Mesa, Ariz. 480-539-6646;;

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 23, Number 1, February/March 2005.

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