The flow of your life and the seasons

We can achieve a great deal of peace and natural order in our lives if we follow the rhythm of nature, which includes the seasons.

by John English — 

We can achieve a great deal of peace and natural order in our lives if we follow the rhythm of nature, which includes the seasons. When humankind gets back to the flow of the natural world, balance will once again be restored and collectively we will return to the mythical Garden of Eden. This could save our planet from environmental destruction.

Both the spring and autumn equinoxes and the seasons surrounding them are very important and powerful because they are times of balance between the yin and yang energies. Yin is the energy of the feminine: it is receptive, with the deep, dark, rich presence from which all things are born. Yang is the energy of the masculine: it is about intention, movement and action.

The autumn is a time of balance between these energies, before we move into the yin of winter. It is a time of celebration in gratitude for the harvest on the yin side and a time of intention for the upcoming winter on the masculine side.

Autumn teaches us how to receive and reminds us once again that this is a vital part of the creation process. It is the time of year when we harvest all the fruits of our labor, and it is a great time of celebration which should lead us into gratitude. If we spend time this autumn in gratitude, we will attract more into our lives for which to be grateful, and then we start the whole process again. It is a powerful way to ignite this time of incubating for what we want to create in our lives while we are in the womb of winter.

Every time we exercise our power as co-creators, we follow the seasons. We percolate our intention in the deep, dark, rich presence and power of the feminine winter. We plant in the spring with the energy of inspiration. We follow up with the action of weeding and pruning during the yang of summer, and then we receive what we have created with celebration in autumn. We then turn over the soil and nurture it with gratitude, and begin the whole process anew.

This autumn, bless your life with the balance of the season as you prepare for winter. Participate in the energy of yin by receiving and celebrating all you have created in your life. Use the yang energy by contemplating your intentions for the upcoming year. Surround these intentions with the energy of unconditional love and gratitude.

By doing so, you will place your masculine intentions for the next year within the gratitude and love of the feminine. When we surround the masculine with the feminine, we have creation. When we encapsulate our dreams and intentions for our world with gratitude for them before they even arrive, we change the experience of all life on our planet.


John English is a shamanic healer and award-winning author of The Shift: An Awakening. He conducts private sessions and workshops about destiny and the dreamtime, shamanic healing, journeying and the medicine wheel. www.dreamtimeonline or 480-473-8957.

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