The law of attraction … just naturally!

It is all too easy to find oneself straying into the old, negative “but-what-if-this-happens?” style of thinking.

The law of attraction …  just naturally!

by David Doud — 

Most of us are now familiar with The Secret and the law of attraction. We have seen the movie and/or read the book, and have been inspired to create our own lives full of health, abundance and love. But even though we could not agree more with these ideas, how well are we really able to put these principles into action? Are we able to eliminate fears and dwell in positive visions and, perhaps more importantly, positive feelings?

It is all too easy to find oneself straying into the old, negative “but-what-if-this-happens?” style of thinking. It was because of such thinking that I discovered a way to be free of worry and remain open to positive thoughts and feelings, naturally.

The key here is so simple that it is at first deceptive. Once you hear this technique, you will most likely think to yourself, “Oh, how nice; that cannot help anything.” But try it — try it for just 10 seconds — and you will feel the power of this practice. After only 10 seconds, you will know this is an effortless way to hold your visions and feel the highest good. You no longer have to consciously think about it; positive thoughts and feelings just naturally come to you.

It is simply this, a three-word command: smile to yourself. Do not think. Try it for 10 seconds and just feel it. There, do you see what I mean? Do you feel a calm, objective optimism? Just a hint of a smile is all it takes, perhaps one not even noticeable to others. Do you feel yourself rising above mere circumstances and connecting with an inner knowing that all is well, no matter what the outward appearance of things?

Are you able to feel the power in this simple action as you immediately switch to a very calm, positive awareness? You realize you are feeling all the good, the love, the happiness and the abundance your future holds for you, and you look forward to it. And all you are doing is smiling to yourself!

Early in the 20th century, a popular phrase used in times of adversity was “Keep smiling.” No matter what the bad news or challenging circumstance, the wise advice for quick recovery was to keep smiling. Were people back then aware of something we are only now rediscovering and learning to appreciate anew? It seems that is just the case; so take this with you now and use it — and keep smiling.


David Doud, C.Bt., is a certified behavioral therapist whose specialties are classical, clinical and Ericksonian hypnotherapy; neuro-linguistic programming (NLP); Your True Nature counseling; and the psychology of weight loss. 602-478-7132 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 3, June/July 2007.

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