The power of energetic magnetism

The power of energetic magnetism

Through energetic magnetism, we attract or repel people, events and even physical circumstances according to the attitudes we embody.

Through energetic magnetism, we attract or repel people, events and even physical circumstances according to the attitudes we embody.

by Robert Moss  — 

Whatever you think or feel, the universe says yes. Perhaps you have noticed this. Yes, we are talking about the law of attraction. It is indeed an ancient law, never a secret to those who live consciously. “All things which are similar and therefore connected, are drawn to each other’s power,” according to the medieval magus Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim. It is a rule of reality that we attract or repel different things according to the emotions, attitudes, feelings and agendas that we carry.

Before you walk into a room or turn a corner, your attitude is already there. It is engaged in creating the situation you are about to encounter. Whether you are remotely conscious of this or not, you are constantly setting yourself up for what the world is going to give you.

If you go about your day filled with doom and gloom, the world will give you plenty of reasons to support that attitude. You will start looking like that cartoon character who goes about with a black cloud over his head that constantly rains on his parade. Conversely, if your attitude is bright and open to happy surprises, you may be rewarded by a bright day and surprisingly happy encounters, even when the sky is leaden overhead.

Through energetic magnetism, we attract or repel people, events and even physical circumstances according to the attitudes we embody. This process begins before we speak or act because thoughts and feelings are already actions, and our attitudes are out there ahead of us. This requires us to do a regular attitude check and ask: What attitude am I carrying? What am I projecting?

It is not sufficient to do this only on a head level. We want to check what we are carrying in our body and our energy field. If you go around carrying a repertoire of doom and gloom, you may not say what is on your mind, but the universe will hear you and support you. Attitude adjustment requires more than reciting the kind of affirmation you see in cute boxes with flowers and sunsets on Facebook. It requires deeper self-examination and self-mobilization.

What are you doing? A woman in one of my workshops told me she hears this question, put by an inner voice, many times a day. Sometimes it rattles her and saps her confidence. But she is grateful for the inner questioner that provokes her to look at herself. It is a question worth asking yourself every day. As you do that, remember that thinking and feeling are also doing.

“The passions of the soul work magic.” I borrowed that from a medieval alchemist who was beloved by Jung. It conveys something fundamental about our experience of how things manifest in the world around us. High emotions and high passions generate results. When raw energy is loose, it has effects in the world. It can blow things up or bring them together. There is an art in learning to operate when your passions are riding high and to recognize that it is a moment when you can make magic.

Even when you are in the throes of what people would call negative emotions — rage, anger, pain, grief, even fear — if you can take the force of such emotions and choose to harness and direct them in a creative or healing way, you can work wonders and even change the world around you.

How? Because there is no impermeable barrier between mind and matter. Jung and Pauli, the great psychologist and the great physicist, both came around to the idea that the old medieval phrase applies — unus mundus (one world). Psyche and physics, mind and matter are one reality. They interweave at every level of the universe. They are not separate. As Pauli wrote, “Mind and body could be interpreted as complementary aspects of the same reality.” I think this is fundamental truth, and it becomes part of fundamental life operation when you wake up to it.

The stronger our emotions, the stronger their effects on our psychic and physical environment. And the effects of those emotions may reach much further than we can initially understand. They can generate a convergence of incidents and energies, for good or bad, in ways that change everything in our lives and can affect the lives of many others.

When we think or feel strongly about another person, we will touch that person and affect his or her mind and body — even across great distances — unless that person has found a way to block that transmission. The great French novelist Honoré de Balzac wrote that, “Ideas are projected as a direct result of the force by which they are conceived, and they strike wherever the brain sends them by a mathematical law, comparable to that which directs the firing of shells from their mortars.”

Bring in the creative imagination, and it is wonderful how the world can rearrange itself. I heard a beautiful little story about this from a friend in California. She had been consciously building a kind of inner sanctuary, a place of peace and joy where she could take herself anytime in her imagination. She envisioned a lovely place with healing waters around an oak tree she knew.

In her imagination, she added a swing to the tree, visualizing the ropes fastened to one of its great limbs. She pictured herself rocking happily under the spreading canopy of the oak. She used this image to help her get through long, sleepless nights when she was severely ill.

A week later, feeling restored, she took a hike to the place of the oak and found that someone had added a swing exactly where she had placed it in her imagination.

Scientific experiments have shown the ability of the human mind and emotions to change physical matter. Studies by Masaru Emoto have shown that human emotions can change the nature and composition of water, and the Findhorn experiments have taught us that good thoughts positively affect the growth of plants. Conversely, rage or grief can produce disturbing and sometimes terrifying effects in the physical environment.

“We are magnets in an iron globe,” declared Emerson. If we are upbeat and positive, “we have keys to all doors …. The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck.” Conversely, “A low, hopeless spirit puts out the eyes; skepticism is slow suicide. A philosophy which sees only the worst … dispirits us; the sky shuts down before us.”

Whatever our circumstances, we always have the power to choose our attitude, and this can change everything.


Robert Moss is the author of Sidewalk Oracles: Playing with Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity in Everyday Life and other books about dreaming, shamanism and imagination. He is the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism. 

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 34, Number 6, December 2015/January 2016.

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