The power of feminine love

Perhaps feminine love does not require the other to change to meet our conditions.

by Rochelle Sparrow — 

There was a spiritual teacher who claimed there is no such thing as unconditional love. His perspective was that there is always a set of conditions one person expects from the other, which means, of course, that at least one person in any relationship must abide by a set of conditions in order to receive love.

The teacher presented such an interesting dilemma that it caused quite a stir and conversational debate among the group. After all, if someone was lying, cheating and stealing from you, would you still love them? Can you love someone and not accept his or her behaviors that may harm you or the relationship? Do you simply stop loving a person because they do not meet the conditions by which you determine their lovability?

Does the idea of unconditional love automatically mean that no boundaries exist within the love itself? It is such an interesting dilemma, because the nonexistence of unconditional love also implies and determines there is the doing of something to remove love because conditionality means something exists to demand its removal.

Could there be different energetic sources that help structure different perspectives of love? Male energy is quite assertive and moves energy to instigate change.

What if the male spiritual teacher were claiming there is no such thing as unconditional love from a male energetic perspective? What if another way of looking at love is from a feminine view? Not that his being male, of course, automatically excludes his ability to hold both views. However, in this case, he appeared unable to entertain another perspective. The set of conditions are not met, therefore no love can be present. He made his point quite clearly.

But what if, from a feminine energetic point of view, love was simply meant to be? Not to take away, not to do, but just to be in a place that allows love to exist. Would that mean that feminine love is without boundaries, or can boundaries be present within that love?

Can you state what you want from your relationship with only the power of being present behind it? Maria was in just such a dilemma. Married to someone who could not understand her new holistic healing business, she continued to assert herself and her abilities without judging his lack of understanding. Although, he thought she should get a “real” job, she continued to tell him she believed in what she was doing, that she had a real job.

Maria’s husband never got to a place of relating to what she was doing, but he did reach a place of acceptance, because Maria was willing to simply be, in the place where she was, who she was, without withholding love.

Perhaps that is the true power of feminine love. To be within a space containing conditions that exist for its own empowerment, without needing to create change. And perhaps feminine love does not require the other to change to meet our conditions.


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Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 5, October/November 2007.

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