The skinny on fat

The skinny on fat

 Obese people are more likely to have diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer and shorter life spans.

Obese people are more likely to have diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer and shorter life spans.

by Debbie Williams — 

Could your brain be keeping you fat? Fellow yo-yo dieters, my experience is: Yes! And I have an interesting story to tell, which involves how I lost weight and the product that helped so much.

Firstly, the product I have fallen in love with is As Slim as Possible™ (ASAP) drops, and know that I do not promote any product that I have not successfully tried. Secondly, I have learned so much about what the best protocol is to keep the weight off long-term.

Here is my story. Before I became pregnant 26 years ago, I was thin; but with pregnancy, I put on more than 75 pounds and have struggled with my weight ever since. Only so many years can pass before the rationalization of “it is just baby fat,” just does not work as an excuse for being obese.

Could genetically modified organism foods and high-fructose corn syrup be the cause of my obesity? Possibly. Poor food and drink choices? Probably. Could my own brain be a major culprit? Yes. So many people give up dieting because they have succumbed to the notion that they are just destined to carry those extra pounds. Our body likes the extra weight, right? Wrong.

Carrying extra weight is not healthy. Disease in many forms can steal your vitality and youth. Obese people are more likely to have diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer and shorter life spans. The body seems to let go of the excess weight with different diets, but for me it always came back with even more pounds.

One thing I have learned since being on the ASAP drops is that the hypothalamus gland (a primitive part of the brain) needs to be “reset.” When you lose weight, your body attempts to put the weight back on at its previous “set point.” Your goal is to reset the hypothalamus to the new ideal weight. Is it really as easy as resetting this gland to maintain your new weight zone? It was for me and can be for you also.

Our company pharmacist advised me to read the book Pounds and Inches Away  (1954), by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, before I started using the drops in order to understand the full protocol. One must stabilize their weight for three weeks and then maintain it for another three weeks. During the stabilization period, the hypothalamus will be reset.

When my drops arrived just before Thanksgiving, I started taking them immediately. This was a mistake, since you need to be in the correct mindset before beginning a diet. I thought I was there, but on the first day of my diet, my husband reminded me that we were going to the grand opening of a friend’s sushi restaurant.

That night, I ate fried and fatty foods and tasted several different sugary drinks. To my surprise, the next morning I had dropped one pound. I later found out this is what is called a “loading day,” which is basically a “cheat night” you can do two days in a row. Loading days are very important to setting up the protocol.

In spite of cheating three more times over the holidays, I was down 18 pounds in early January. And, I am continuing to lose the remaining 20 pounds I wanted to lose. I have tried many diets, but nothing has worked so quickly as the ASAP natural drops. You begin by putting them under your tongue three times a day for either 21 or 42 days. Typically, a woman will lose one-half to one pound a day; a man will lose one to two pounds a day.

We have three different kinds of fat in our bodies. The first fat is the healthy, structural fat that protects the organs and can be found on the bottom of our feet. The second fat is subcutaneous fat or normal fat just below the skin, which the body uses for energy. Then there is the stubborn, locked-in-a-box abnormal fat that so many of us struggle with eradicating.

Abnormal fat gets stored as a “potential” food source, but my experience has been that my body threw away the key, making these fat cells permanent residents — until now. The ASAP drops have been the key to unlocking the door for these abnormal fat cells to be used for energy instead of being stored indefinitely.

I have heard of other drops and injections people have used with good results, but people said the weight eventually came back. What they did not know is the most critical part of the program is to reset the hypothalamus gland in the brain.

Located below the thalamus above the brain stem, the hypothalamus gland is responsible for metabolic processes. In all the diet protocols I have followed, no one had mentioned that it needs to be reset in order to keep the weight stable at the new level. But with the ASAP drops and protocol, this is key.

There are a couple of different ways to follow this protocol. One includes breakfast, while another does not. I tried both and preferred the one without breakfast because I simply was not hungry in the morning and I lost weight more quickly.

How does it work? The drops “unlock” the abnormal cells, enabling your body to use the nutrients from those abnormal fat cells for energy. According to my research, you will get 2,000 to 4,000 calories a day from your own fat and, it is important to note, most calories come from these cells.

I had only one day early on when I felt hunger. Other than that, I pretty much had to force myself to finish my meals. My energy level soared, and my belly fat diminished quickly. I also took RVB300 and RYL500 beta glucan during this protocol to keep my immune system healthy. My story can be yours too; I encourage you to try it for yourself.

Go to for more information or to order. At the page top, click on “products.” Under “health and wellness,” click on “healthy weight loss,” then “Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak.” Preferred customers get a 30 percent discount from the listed retail price.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If pregnant or lactating, consult a physician before using.


Debbie Williams is an immune health coach and a cancer researcher. She is studying to become a certified nutrition coach. or 623-444-0557.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 34, Number 2, April/May 2015.


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