The symphony of silence

Find your symphony of mind in the silence, truth and enlightenment that life offers.

by Blanche Williams — 

Many fear the sound of silence because of a perceived sense of judgment, isolation or lack of stimulation. On the contrary, silence can be a golden opportunity for subtle growth, uncluttered reflection and insightful revelation.

Our lives represent the most delicate instruments in our divine symphony. Its mastery requires an uncommon commitment, persistent practice and decisive discipline. We will live more soulful lives as we learn the language of harmony, the power in performance and the art of self-appreciation.

The pulse of silence discovered within the soothing sounds of nature or the rhythms of your favorite melody can be a powerful catalyst to rejuvenate your spirit of playful exploration and uninhibited expression.

Capture those moments that exhilarate your creativity and remind you of your incredible purpose in this vast universe. Capture those moments that expand your narrow vision and allow you to soar to greater heights. Capture and capitalize on those moments that breathe life into your imagination.

Your windows of opportunity for greatness can be hidden amidst the mildew of mediocrity and forgotten promises. Listen to the whispers of change that dance within the silent breeze of your renewed vision.

Find your symphony of mind in the silence, truth and enlightenment that life offers. Trust your inner voice and intuitive nature. Appreciate the unspoken essence of your spiritual oneness and apply the treasures that quietly strengthen your connection to the Divine.

Everyone hears the symphony of life differently, yet all sounds are orchestrated to penetrate your higher frequency of consciousness. Unfortunately, you sometimes receive the static and discordant sounds that clutter your airwaves of achievement. Filter out those disruptive sounds and realign your senses to a clearer channel.

Take the time to absorb the soul of silence. Allow it to submerge your thoughts and intoxicate your imagination to revolutionize your evolution towards wholeness. Whether you are experiencing a quiet starry night, your favorite song, the incense of laughter or the heartbeat of love, your inner soliloquy will synchronize to create a magical moment.

In the silence, a symphony is playing your song. Imagine your symphony of possibilities!


Blanche Williams a is national broadcast journalist, dynamic speaker, empowerment coach and change agent. She is the author of How to Design Your Mind for Greatness and Daily Greatness Reminders, and host of “Greatness by Design,” a talk show on XM Satellite Radio. or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 2, April/May 2007.

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